Flashy virus

I just downloaded AVG 8 .. It's got a built-in anti spyware as well.. So far, im pretty impressed

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Everyone seems to be satisfied with the antivirus they have

no way!

ive experienced symantec’s Norton AV and I must say its the MOST ERROR PRONE software i have encountered so far

…except maybe windows beats it everytime to hold that crown :D

nod32 and kaspersky are best one.

Nod32 FTW

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you guys must’ve heard of this ‘flashy’ virus thingy. it infects computers by transfering b/w computers using removable media (flash drives). anyone have any experience with it?

Which antivirus would remove it? I know for sure that the latest registered Norton wont do it!

changed subject from “flashy” to “Flashy virus”. Try to keep the topic title meaningful.


Yeah, i know when u insert the USB a folder like virus, but luckily i am using Windows Vista and its folder is different so i easily figure out whether this is virus or not.

I hate Nod32. WTF is that antivirus.