Fitbit, Samsung Gear, Google Glass, Apple, Microsoft excite everyone about new technology

BELGIUM: Notwithstanding that the watch tells time and several other things, Apple is making a big splash with the health-related capabilities. The device, using sensors, apps and smartphone connectivity, ties itself tightly to data about health, fitness and ultimately healthcare delivery.

Wearable technology is all the rage these days. From Fitbit to Samsung Gear to Google Glass to rumored impending launches from Apple and Microsoft, wearable devices are top-of-mind for everyone excited about new technology.

However, the tech industry and its consumers appear to be more excited about wearable tech as a theory than in practice. Another issue is whether such contrivances genuinely ameliorate health outcomes.

Wearable health technology is premised on the conception that kenning will translate into doing (i.e., getting active), but the latter still relies on human agency.