First time gameservers in pakistan

Hello all, Im abdullah and im opening a new company in pakistan for gameservers. Needed advice so posted here. What are the games i should host and are popular in pakistan? Any premium bandwidth providers you suggest? Im currently talking to supernet for fiber which will cost me alot(more then anything) from which i'll be able to provide under 30 pings in all pakistan. So any advice from you people will be gold to me. I know there arent any official gameserver providers in pakistan, So what games? And if anyone would like to pre-register for ONLY counter strike right now can contact me, Im not accepting any other games right now until some pakistani suggests them and i do research on it. Pre-registration prices are 118 Rupees per slot and minimum 10 slots per month. After pre-registration price would be 150 Rupees per slot per month. I'm currently busy in designing the site, altough i can setup pre-registration page asap if anyone's interested. Payments via alertpay or ubl. But remember servers will be available to you on april 15th when pre-registration is over. And i apologize to anyone whos going to contact me for cheap prices because im giving pre-registration prices with no profit so nothing cheaper than this. Servers will come with UPS backup so they'll stay up 24/7. Good luck to all.


X rated games would better :P

Thank you for your advice but i'm not looking forward to host those.


TF2, COD4, Counter strike, and counter strike source are pretty popular.

You launch any decent game and there'll be people who want to play. L4D has dropped in popularity now, but it had decent fan following when wateen and MBL had servers.

Consider maybe crysis 2 and BFBC2 as well.

We so wanted to have our own TF2 server in Pakistan a year ago when we had a clan and contacted many ISPs to no avail, but we're not interested anymore. However we know now who to contact if we want a server for any game. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your reply Specter. Crysis 2 is in the list but not Bad Company 2. And yeah, All games like counter strike, cod, css and tF2 are already in the list.


Is it for commerical purposes or recreational?

If commercial?

So where are you hosting the server? at your home?

How are you going to manage the power and temprature?

what are the failover plans for your link and (apparent) power outages?

Do you provide some service SLAs?

And yeh how are you pricing?

hit me back with the answers and you may win some business. :-)

I would be interested in renting a 18 slots server for Team Fortress 2. I am interested in starting an online competitive community for the game.


if its a business purpose then leave it... we are used to buy a dvd in rps 50:P

^ Yeah it looks like he finally got the point that this is a fail business in Pakistan. Haven't heard from him after his initial promotion posts.