Firmware Update for ZXDSL 831CII

Hi friends im in need of some help and a new member here my name is Mudassir im loking for Firmware update for my ZXDSL 831CII modem its corrent version is ZXDSL 831CII V 6.2.1 but i think it needs an upgrade because i have 4 MB and im only getting 512KB DANM WTF plz bhaiyo help me. :P

Bump plz anyone need help here.

Its not a 'firmware' problem. You need to contact your ISP and probably have to go to your relevant telephone exchange.

For ZXDSL 831CII V 6.2.1 is the latest firmware, i got my modem about 2 weeks ago and it has the v 6.2.1. Maybe you have wrong profiles on PTCL server, just contact your local exchange.