The firmware for my MP3 player has got corrupted due to damaged computer-mp3 palyer connection wire!!!!

the result is that when i click the mp3 player icon in MY COMPUTER window,the message is displayed that THE DISK IS NO FORMATTED.YOU HAVE TO FORMAT THE DISK.

When I click YES,then the message is displayed that TEH DISK CANT BE FORMATTED!!!!

I clicked on the PROPERTIES of the MP3 PALYER DISK,it is showing 0 BYTES..However my MP3 player is of 1 GB!!!!

The same thing happened when I first bought the MP3 player,so I took my player to the shop and he installed some softwarre in it due to which my mp3 player became ok and it started showing the right memory(1GB)!!!!

so plz guide me in this regard!!!!

I have tried some softtware from net but not working!!!

which MP3 iz it???

its sony...its firmware version is

I have downloaded it from net but when I do the copy paste,again the message is displayed that DISK IS NOT FORMATTED.YOU HAVE FORMAT THE DISK.

When I click YES,the message is displayed that disk cant be formatted!!!

I think I am not having the right way to upload firmware into my mp3!!!!

so plz urgent help!!!

ok! you have to flash it dogar bhai. simple copy paste wont do anything. does mp3 player had cd with it when you bought it?. there must be a cd which provides a utility through which you can flash firmware. btw flashing a mobile or mp3 player is very simple as a-b-c.

i have lost that cd!!!!

any other should I flash firmware???

^ try searching on sony's site

actually I have downloaded the firmware version of my mp3 player from net!!

next step???

^ it shud say on the site on how to go bout flashin ur firmware

can u give me the model number or name of the MP3 player so i can search?

its not the original I thought no use of going to sony's site..

I know its firmware is 9.1.51

main step is flashing the firmware???!!

^whatever site you downloaded firmware from, it is possible that you'll also find utility there, try searching it in that site.

I had downloaded the firmware but that firmware was corrupt due to which my mp3 player is not booting at is just showing SONY and then switch-off itself....!!!after few seconds it agains switchws-on itself and shows SONY and then switches-off itself again!!!!

Dogar bhai I'm having a smilar kind of problem. My mp3 Player(X pod 1Gb) works perfectly ok on my PC. But when I connect it to my friend's PC, it shows the smilar problem as yours. I assume that the problem is not with the mp3 player but is whether it is compatible with your PC or not.

^no..I dont think was working very fine some days ago!!!

the problem is definitely due to firmware..

can you tell me the site from which you downloaded firmware...?

yeah it was

dear there are two partitions in each mp3 player one for the firmware with a very little space to accomodate the firmware files and the 2nd partition with remaining space is for ur data i.e songs. so put your firmware in the partition for the firmware. your computer wont show the firmware partition directly but you have to press a combination of buttons on the mp3 player... and also you havent provided with complete info of your mp3... for further explanation u can check this guide on installing the firmware.. your case may differ but it would give an idea..

well u need to visit this site

i got my 4 china made mp3 and mp4 players working with help of this site