Firefox 6 is here too!

Okay Mozilla going too speedy these days. After launch of Firefox 5 final version here comes the 6 Beta 1 for Windows, MAC, Linux and Android. Though there is not much difference, looks wise but they say it would be better than previous (I really don't believe that). Anyway here is the link to download.

they always says its better than previous

Just installed it. apart from add-on compatibility issue, its better then the previous one ..... for now.

I am not sure if it will take me back to FF after using Chrome !

Whats the point, I bet one can be just as productive when using ff4 as compared to ff6. Its just stupid marketing techniques, actually its just some snippet support for some snippet computer language.

As some member said it back then, Mozilla has started playing the number game too, Soon you'll be seeing FF 10+ versions. Although i must say, they're playing it amateurishly.

I prefer Opera :wub:

So everybody is following chrome

Chrome is already to version 12 or perhaps 14 in just three years since its birth

I always Used firefox. better graphics better options,better results. Firefox is leader in browsers.

Firefox feels like 'home' :D

I am downloading Firefox 7 (aka Aurora). I have come back from Chrome to Opera to Firefox. :) Opera is a bit slow these days in loading webpages, don't know why.

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Firefox 6 breaks out ahead of schedule, gets official August 16th

It looks like the sly fox is ready to make its worldwide debut a few days early. In typical Mozilla fashion, a complete build of Firefox 6 is now unofficially available for your downloading pleasure, three days ahead of schedule. If you’re looking for a major facelift to the desktop edition, you won’t find one here – most of the new features aren’t cosmetic. Perhaps most visibly, you’ll find the domain name of the page you’re parked on highlighted in the address bar. On the Android side, version 6 makes much bigger promises, like a “fresh visual style in Chrome Gingerbread,” enhanced image scaling, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s “faster and uses less memory.” We’ve downloaded the desktop version of the browser ourselves, and we’ve found the release quite snappy. If you’re not afraid of a little pre-release downloading, you can catch the (desktop) fox at the source links below. And as per usual, please let us know how it’s treating you.



IMO this version is totally skipable, as Firefox 7 will be released by December, which will atleast have enough reason to be a separate version…

Firefox 7 is where you will see the real boost. It will consume as much as 50% less memory compared to all previous versions released so far.

So is it still bloated and slow as before?

If so, i'll stick to Chrome for now.

Yupeeeee.... i was waiting for it :)

I'm still on Firefox 3.6.20. Tried Firefox 4 but it was very heavy for my old PC.

No Comparison with Google Chrome.

I received an update for FFox version 7 but declined it due to no support for IDM. So anybody with FFox 7 tried installing IDM?

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I’m still on Firefox 3.6.20. Tried Firefox 4 but it was very heavy for my old PC.


True, i am still fan of FIREFOX 3.6.20