Firefox 4 Released 31,000,000 Downloads already!

Guys you may not one of those like me who have been following Firefox 4 and using it since the first Beta stages but I am certain that this new interactive Map will make will make you want to download FF4 for sure.

Try it out at

This new glowing world map tells by a small glow where the FF4 is being downloaded at the very moment.

My little observation is that while users In Pakistan are busy downloading FF4, specially in Karachi area.. but there is not even a single glow in the Middle east. Strange.

If you’re interested, you can download Firefox 4 from here.

I am using it for 4 days now :P Its cool, lots of bugs fixed

using it for 2weeks now....way better and smooth then previous..

why chines people not downloading FF?

IMHO. Its a complete rip of of Opera and Chrome. Not impressed. Just have a look at Opera address bar and then look at Firefox. They are virtually identical save for the colors.



Majority of the users have already upgraded to the latest version. The ones you see now are just lefotvers, or new users willing to try ff4.

^ Do you have a personal stake in Opera or Chrome? Nobody cares who copies who. The only thing that matters is that it delivers what it promised to be, and so far, ff4 has really nailed it.

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IMHO. Its a complete rip of of Opera and Chrome. Not impressed. Just have a look at Opera address bar and then look at Firefox. They are virtually identical save for the colors.


x2, very disappointed by Mozilla, and I’m NOT only talking about the looks, its f****** slow too, seriously, I’m currently finding IE9 to be the fastest, smoothest, cleanest browsing experience. And I’m saying this even though I’m supposed to be a Opera fanboy… :P

^ How much RAM you have in your system Upsilon ?? Must be somewhere in b/w 512-1GB.

4GB.... DDR3..... 1600MHZ.... Want the rest of the specs? :rolleyes:

But anyways, i tried all the browsers again, this time, FF wasn't so slow for ? reason.

It was like, IE > FF > Opera > Chrome > Safari

So i take my previous statement back, but i still agree with rnathbatra's statement, it IS a visual clone of Opera...

No 1 is downloading in Pakistan too. I installed it in beta version and loving it

I think you're running your RAM at half the speeds. I'm running DDR3 1600 myself, and I don't feel any slowdowns at all :P.

I'll let the test picture speak for itself. Sunspider Java Script Benchmark on both ff4 and chrome 10. Same is the case with each and every other benchmark, except V8.

Chances are you guys are probably upgrading from version 3.5-4.0. Clean install is always recommended for trouble free operation :P.

EDIT: People in pakistan are retarded. They've no clue that an alternative browser even exists. Just compare the results with India. You'll get the whole picture. 120K vs 750K+. Japan tops the asian region, with India a close 2nd.

People in Pakistan are not even bothered to upgrade their OS, or at least clean install one after 4-5 years of usage. Why would they go for a new browser.

Another shocking thing i discovered was that some people I know in Pakistan have 4-5 ugly third-party toolbars running on their browsers. When i asked them why the hell are you wasting so much screen space, one of them did knew how to remove them and asked me that is that even possible and another said they wanted to use different toolbars on their browser so they can do searches on different Search Engines. LMAO.

^ That is exactly why I call them "retards". Little did they know that you can click on that "google" symbol in the seach pane to select any other search engine. Its no wonder they complain non-stop about its slowness when its riddled with useless crap al over :).

I have tested all browsers and finding Chrome to be the fastest. I used to love Opera but had to make the difficult choice of moving back to Chrome due to its rendering speed. Chrome is almost twice as fast when loading pages as compared to Opera. :(


^ You must be joking. IDM working flawlessly here at my end. Which version are you using ? :S

FF 4.0 is taking 450K of my RAM, with one tab and no

FLASH running. With the 3 series, it used to be 150K.

This FF is a monster.




Sheikh 'Trick Or T(h)reat' Chilli

i use always it