Firefox 4 RC released

Just downloaded firefox 4 RC, its quite fast, stable and sexy... i would say its better than Chrome,

download it from here,

is it still in beta mode?

yeah chrome crashes often

^ Nope. The RC was released yesterday. There are still 2 hard blocks left to fix. One of them is mcafee site advisor. You're recommended to remove it from FF4 until an update is released to fix it. It locks up firefox 4.

i use both simultaneoulsy. Chrome is lighter IMO


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I have experienced that with the passage of time, firefox slows down even its cache is clear.

but still firefox rocks… :)

^I agree.

just installed, feeling a bit lighter...! its gud...but admittedly fire-fox is a bit behind in implementing new and IE8-9 are ahead in the design...but IE suxs big tym!

Sexy it is indeed. Have been using it since beta without any serious issues. The only thing i do not like is that most of my fav Add-ons are not usually supported for FF4.

Use the addon "Add-on Compatibility Reporter 0.8.1"

and keep using most of your favorite addons in FF4.0

that are deemed incompatible.

Half of my fav addons were rejected, but with this addon

I am now able to use them all in FF4.




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