Firefox 3 Is A RAM Hound

... or is it just me ?.

Today, I was concerned after my system seem to

come to a grinding halt. So I opened up the task

manager and it was showing firefox eating up 207K

to 210K of RAM memory!. HELLO! ?.

I have 512MB of RAM and no other software (aside

from Zone Alarm) was open, yet the CPU was working

at 100% capacity. And the kicker is, that I was just

uploading something through the browser at that

time. That's just too much hogging.

I routinely check for virus/spyware/malaware through

not just one, but several software packages and

they've all pronounced my system as Mr. Clean.




Sheikh 'Meri Memory Dee Banh Na Maroor' Chilli

Well I have 256 mb of ram and using firefox 3, I haven't got any prblm lyk that, firefox eating ram

What's your average FF3 RAM usage evil_dust ?, when

you are trying to, say, upload something on U-tube ?.




Sheikh 'Beam Me Up' Chilli

What extensions/add-ons do you have on Firefox? Any plugins that could have been running (Flash, Java)?

EDIT: my usage is around 80k

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What extensions/add-ons do you have on Firefox? Any plugins that could have been running (Flash, Java)?

EDIT: my usage is around 80k


I have seen flash website take up a load of memory. Seems like the flash player takes up a lot of space.

Probably you, my pc is always on with firefox, long as you have enough ram it works perfectly.

in my experience firefox can use as much ram as you give it, i have also seen it using 250+ MB of ram and that too pretty consistently (i have too many plugins though) , i have got 1.1 GB ram so i dont care much, actually firefox has a problem with getting rid of the memory its eating after even you close tabs and they should fix it first rather than adding new features, they tried to do that with firefox 3 and ended up improving it but still requires a lot of work

oh btw try the statusbarex plugin for firefox it shows memory and cpu usage of firefox in status bar so that you can worry about it even more :D

All I am doing, is trying to upload a video on Utube.

I don't have any addon working in the background.

I'd be interested in figures, of actual RAM usage,

when you guys are using FF3 in a similar manner.

I checked just now and it's up to 257K!.




Sheikh 'Holy Cow' Chilli

^not facing any such problems, the memory usage was 77 MB, actually the memory usage grows that much after browsing few sites and i didn't do that i closed firefox and opened a new windows of firefox and tried in that

in the process i uploaded a video to youtube first time in my life :D

Yes there is bug in FF3 that causes Virtual memory usage to shoot up. Restarting the browser should stop that from happening.

Mr Sheikh Chilli It Must be Your Pluginz Mine is usin 70k.Google Chrome is faster then FF But i Still Love FF :D

Firefox tends to take more memory when playing FLV movies. I do restart my firefox if i happen to play an flv movie

why not give Opera a try :D

^Opera sux......

Dont know abt ff eating memory 270K but 100% memory usage is certainly virus function

You don't say... hmm, I was afraid of that.




Sheikh 'NooOOO!' Chilli

Try New Version of Chrome so smoooth

Chrome is actually not an alpha Built, and is not yet well enough for surfing the internet.

and sheikh_chilli. I saw ur initial post. you said. CPU at 100% and Firefox taking the memory alot.

and in all posts below i didn't see any question about CPU usage.

so now just lookup for the CPU what takes the CPU at this end. Order with the CPU column in descending

and then take that exact process to the Google.

and search for 'THISPROCESS is taking most of the CPU usage.'

I guess you will get to fix it.