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That's interesting to find that the Sigma S&W is avaible in the local market for around 1.2 Lakh. That's pretty decent considering it's almost identical to the Glock 19 which is selling in the market in the 3.5 to 4 lakh price range. I personally don't really like to buy any weapons over 100 k although you are absolutely right in saying that good brands weapons are excellent investments. I use whatever firearms I have extensively.

Another interesting fact I remembered when using the 9mm 24/7 vs the P92 is that after 100 rounds or 6 clips the 24/7 *needs* to be cleaned. It will misfire almost every other round because the firing pin is so delicate that it clogs. The P92 will keep on firing stable well past 300 rounds without cleaning. Both btw are extremely easy to clean.

As far as Ammo is concerned I have found Amercian Eagle (FC) bullets good and reliable and Wah is pretty cost effective at approx Rs. 28 a round. You might want to pick some Federal Hollow point 12 bore cartridges which are available in the market nowadays though. Excellent for game hunting. They give your shotgun the range of a rifle and the power of 5 .45 hollow point bullets combined. They are insanely powerful and destructive. I once shot a oil barrel full of sand with about 200 rounds of misc bullets and cartridges and nothing happened to it except small bullet holes. One hollow point cartridge tore the barrel and sent it flying into the wall. In a range of 75 M, one shot will pretty much kill anything.

If you want to buy a pistol just go for the 9mm P92. It is a true classic and it's acutally rated above the Sigma. This link will provide you lots of info.

Looking at the site, I just remembered that the PT911 is an excellent pistol as well. It's 15 shot but the barrel is 4 inch instead of the 5 like P92. It's basically a shrunk down version of the PT92. I gave it to a family member as a gift.

I went to the market today to buy some shotguns for guards and also checked up on the prices for the 24/7 and PT92. Both are around Rs. 55,000. The shotguns I bought are Turkish and named Viper. Very good looking, heard the performance is great too. Cost me 24,000 each.

I really like the .22 Walther G22 and was very tempted to buy it but I don't have any use for it. It comes with laser sights and scope. Cost is around Rs. 75,000

where have u checked the prices of pistols and gun . can you give me some adress or phone no. i am interested in buying Walther .22. Viper is good gun but the best Turkish gun available in the market is HUGLU/DE HANS. it is being marketed in USA but a bit expensive.

Hi there

I have just got my CF98 for 43K from karachi

Its a good looking gun & nice to shoot. Does any 1 know abt any shooting range/ club other than Karsaz?

Please let me know


Well since everyones out on this topic, ill like to add what iv gauged so far. The winchester defender is the most durable and reliable shotgun especially the 1300 model which is out of production and also through personal experience the resale on these is pretty decent. I personally own a winchester defender 1300 lineup it was purchased in 1983 it has been through its fair use of cartridges possibly more then 2000 easily and requires oiling once a year and cleanup after every use and that is all. I didnt know I owned such a potent weapon it was only when i checked up the booklet on the winchester box and found the model and read reviews for this thing it is absolutely fast, with a 4 gauge left wid a loose grip u can actually reload the thing wid its recoil. You can go out in the market ask around and read reviews I dont know about new shotguns but when it comes to older ones winchesters are absolutely reliable and they have enough sound to terrorize someone in walled space, consider the fact last usage was on 14th august 25 cartridges my left year is as of now damaged iv a slight whistle still there ( bad in a good way :P)

The most reliable pistols that can be had in the lower ranges instead of the taurus are the CZ pistols, specifically the sub-compact cz83 which has attested reliability because it was the czech army standard issue side arm, CZ makes some of the best pistols out there in terms of reliability and value for money. The CZ100 is another glock type of handgun that is quite potent and comes at a very decent price as compared to the glocks.

The taurus's atleast the 92's are good looking but mess up a lot with chinese ammunition!

Another tip that id like to forward is the S&W pistols on sale beware of them because these days fakes are being sold as real ones and they have bad triggers a friend got shot and another got live round fired in his room I am not sure about the models but if its around 20-40k know that its the fake one.

.22 rifles are usually very kickass and fun for target shooting but the license for that size is not being made its prohibited I believe.

We have 7 firearms all licensed they are as follows:

Double barrel Astra spanish from the 1950's

7mm bolt action Churchill from the 1950's purchase for crocodile hunting

CZ83 7,65 mm Browning

Winchester defender wood finish full stock circa 1983

Jager with folding stock 7.65mm AP-75 Adler italy (company has closed down)

Jager AP-74 Semi auto .22 M16 ar 15 lookalike this and the abovementioned gun was purchased in early 1990's

Peshawar made sawed off double barrel:p


1 ak47 license with no gun on it and lots of back date penalties and i have no idea what to do with it :P

A word of advice do not invest in glocks as they are way overpriced here, license in khi can be had for 20k now from arms and ammunition shops. Also never purchase pakistani arms, I have seen not a single pakistani semi automatic or automatic weapon that has not had a bullet stuck in it and I have considerable amounts of detached ammo lying with me which is left unfired, that very ammo will show to you the proof of what pakistani made arms are capable of, massive damage to the bullets while loading, the chamber force is so #$%^&# up iv got bullets #$%^&# from the front dented on the sides literally cracked with the front inside the shells!

Czech bullets are the best for the money if you dont have those red painted ones those are hollow points stay clear of hollow points they will get stuck in the barrel if you've had them stored for around a year! hollow points have a short shelf life.

American ones are the best but then do you have the money?

I find revolvers very impressive because their is one fact about revolvers that pistols cannot replicate...revolvers are usually more on target then their handgun counterparts in the sense they'll give u more of a bulls eye in the same hand compared to a handgun, if your really good with the targeting and have the money to afford the ammo go with a revolver anything above the .357 ( those bullets are known for careening off surfaces). In a firefight though the more magazine capacity you have the better.

If i had the skill of harry callahan i wudnt mind the .44 magnum love that bych! but the fact is im not so id prefer my cz83 15 shooter!

oh btw if anyone wants i am selling 22 blank .38 cartridges yes BLANKS the ones used in movies they will fire like the real thing for use in a revolver though i blv, point it at someone and shoot it right besides their ear make them piss in their pants without danger of blowing their head off :P

In karachi nowadays if you ever want a weapon its that daad guy on zamzama whoz got anything and everything and if he aint got it he orders em iv seen ppl spend 10 lac in an instance over there wish i had that sorta money :(

and here is the fastest shooting iv ever seen!

heyy guys

im a gunn runner in rawalpindi , if anyone is interested in getin a gun with/without license frm blackmarket, then feel free to msg me . you can buy valaiti/non valaiti from all types of guns, semi auto, revolvers, machine guns, sub machine guns, rpg rocket launchers etc...

The Godfather :)

P.S This isn't for anyone who isn't serious because this kind of stuff could get you arrested.

So kids...go home...

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From Rawalpindi! organily from nwfp!

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heyy guys

im a gunn runner in rawalpindi , if anyone is interested in getin a gun with/without license frm blackmarket, then feel free to msg me . you can buy valaiti/non valaiti from all types of guns, semi auto, revolvers, machine guns, sub machine guns, rpg rocket launchers etc…

The Godfather :)


Lol :) Do you do hits too ? ;)

illegal guns is never a big deal....get a life try to sell ur services to some burger kids...

Taurus PT 92 prices have comedown from 70K. A relative of mine has just bought one for 52K from balochistan traders in saddar, karachi. Beretta is Beretta but if u want it with a bit of compromise, then Taurus is the way to go

Hello every body. Can some body tell me that from where i can get CZ 9 mm pistols. What is the price range. At which shops it is available.

Omkhan is right. Prices have come down. You can buy a Taurus P92 for around 55 K in Lahore. Recently I was given a Beretta 92 FS as a gift, I already have the Taurus PT92 which is a copy of it and aside from a more solid feel to the Beretta there's nothing else to justify the Rs. 300,000 price tag. In short you can buy 6 Taurus PT92's for the price of one Beretta 92 FS. Firing performance is about equal with the Beretta being 10 % better.

@ Wandering Darveesh Try Punjab Arms near Anarkali Bank Square. You'll lots of stuff there. Btw what's with the Darveesh ? :) Interested in Sufic orders ?

Hey guys,

Interesting discussion. I am thinking of taking over my Dad's gun which is a Smith and Wesson .22 pistol and getting my head around using and handling a gun.

First of all, is it a good gun to start off with? I can't really afford to buy a new one so it's a moot point but just wanted to know in any case.

Secondly, the discussion has veered off from it's original subject, which was the presence of shooting ranges in the cities. I'm in Lahore. Where can I go to practice? The criterion for a shooting range, for me, is, I guess, membership charges (if any) and quality of the range. I wouldn't mind the presence of an instructor.

I'd appreciate if someone can nudge me in the right direction. Thank you.

Quite an interesting thread with lots of knowledgeable folk. I need some information, I am an expat, just got back to Pakistan after about 10 years. Can someone tell me what the procedure is to get an arms license in Pakistan, I'm based out of Lahore and can call in a favor with someone I'm sure can arrange a license but I'd rather not. What is the legal way of going about it without asking someone in a high place for a favor.


i just got a permit for an AK-47. wanted to ask you which Ak-47 should i buy and from where? Chinese, Russian, German?

@Junglee Go to a reputable arms dealer and ask them the procedure. They'll be able to tell you the current situation as it changes from month to month. Calling in favors is always the easiest way :) Btw the better license to get is an All Pakistan one (green like a passport, or like an id card) made from Islamabad.

@Omar If you have a license for a AK-47 you must have and be buying quite a few weapons. Ask your dealer. There is no AK better than a Russian, the newer model is called AK-74.

Thanks abbass could you recomment a reliable arms dealer in Lahore, and the approximate cost for a licence if I go through a dealer.

thank you. abbas bahi

Np, I generally deal with Punjab Arms also called PARA which is located in Bank square in Anarkali, almost next to where the McDonalds used to be. The entire plaza there is fire arms shops. Go to a couple of shops and ask them the procedure for getting a license made and the approximate cost. One of them will probably agree to get you one but like I said above this is really something you ought to call in a favor for as they are a lot of fake licenses going around. The ideal person would be anyone connected to the Ministry of Interior or law enforcement related.

Approximate costs for a All Pakistan license is Rs. 12,000 plus misc Rs. 8,000 for 'mithai's' :)