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a well placed shot from “charey wali gun” in eye is enough :D

Evil :oimagining killing humans with air guns. Bah!

HAHAAHHAHAHA ....... "would lend the hand?"

i am in love with magnum. not really an expert but it should be like one of these... which is best magnum or is it all the same?




how old do i have to be to get a license and one magnum? and what is the sarkari procedure to get one? :P

i dnt know but unlike games the bullet weight isn't tht imp to kill sum1 isit? yeah of course if it weighs 10kg then person dies... for example c.s . magnums are usually really powerful but u cant put much ammo.. my tactic in real life is get the gun with 20 or more ammo clip cuz 10 bullets in his body is enough to kill or faint him... see this like i shoot 10 but less powerful bullets in quick successions but he fires two but powerful bullets a fraction slowly.. we both are gonna get holes but who feels more pain?

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a well placed shot from “charey wali gun” in eye is enough :D

ouch that’s painful

how about a hole in ur eye where there is the black thing .. from which the light enters.. this time a "chera" will enter! lol hahahahahaha.. tht person would be so pawned after tht..

keeping an gun for a person like me is very dangerous coz i loose my temper very easily and then i get out of control so then i might be killing dozens of people on the road while driving

yeah same with me.. thats y my father never got for himself but i am gonna get it :) .. i went from 17 to 18 on 6th March ... but i will try to scare #$%# out a them but in usa and others that will mean jail for quite a few years...

you don't go to jail when you shoot someone for self defence?

yes of course with ur proof proven u wont be jailed... but just putting the gun on sumones head to scare or for other reasons means JAIL...

if not here atleast in usa

Umm guys, The point is never "NEVER" to kill anyone. Guns are for sport and in a worst case scenario when you or your family are under threat to defend yourself. Even then the aim is to maim the attacker enough so that he retreats.

For those interested in guns and have bad tempers, I would advise you to take a visit to your nearest central jail and imagine living in a room half the size of your bathroom with 5 hardcore criminals with no fan, no bedding and a open desi urinal. Imagine living there for 14 years and your temper will stay in check. In our country, no matter who you are you don't want to be in prison even for a single night. Your local police station lockup is like a Four Season's suite compared to the central jails.

@musafir Magnums are great and very powerful. I personally don't like revolvers. One of the best magnums is the Colt King Cobra. I'm not sure but the first picture you posted looks like it. To get a license you have to be over 18 I think.

@Owl: Most revolvers are 8 shot and most pistols are 15 shot. The max I've seen in a pistol is 17 shot, the 24/7 which is 9mm and comes with two magazines. 17x2 = 34. In real life situations you would not need the second magazine.

A bit more on the magnum. I enjoy guns as a sport, most handguns have a break in period of 200 to 300 rounds. What that means is the gun comes into it's own after 300 rounds. One .357 bullet costs around Rs. 225 average, 225x300 = Rs. 67,500 ! So with every bullet you fire there goes a Zinger meal ;)

9mm is the most common and reasonably effective bore out there today. Most Nato weapons and even Pakistan forces small weapons are 9mm. A local POF bullet cost Rs. 30, the best imported 9mm's don't cost more than Rs. 70/bullet. This is great for sport use. Rs. 30 x 300 = Rs. 9,000.

Shotguns are pretty cost effective to run as well. Local 12 bore cartridges (Shaheen) costs about Rs. 500 for a pack of 25.

ok so you need to be 18 years for getting both driving license and gun license

wht about counter strike .. the five seven .. i damn like tht gun...

Guys intrested in shooting waterfoul or upland shooting.

@Abbas where is TAURUS P 92 availale in Pakistan cause its starting price was 90000. Taurus pistols have some complaints regarding double loading. i have got Np 22 , 9mm 15 shot. I want to get another. getting licence for Magnum is difficult as it is PB under Pakistani laws. But hell of a shot got tremendous power.

Anybody got any weapons. like to share there qualities/ shooting experience ?

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In Karachi, PNS Karsaz has a world class indoor shooting range. It is used for national championships. Enthusiasts can visit that too.

wth r the requirments??? to get in??? timings and rates ???

@Wandering D

The Taurus P92 is available pretty much everywhere in Lahore. I bought mine from Punjab Arms near the Anarkali McDonalds about 6 to 8 months back. It is the best value for money pistol I have ever owned and I've owned plenty. ;)


Thanks for reply on such short notice. i have ben looking for such forum for quite some time. the .45 u have got is American? desert Eagle or some other make. Which ammo did u use for firing. the rounds are miss firing or there was some loading problem. cause due to malfunction of clips some time loading problem occurs. it can be sorted out by cleaning the clips and spring inside it. or some times if u use old ammo it miss fires. i used CHEC ammo C&B of 9mm couple of years back. it missed fire a no of times. Later it turned out that it was old stock and i got it replaced. Can u tell me what is the current price of TAURUS and which models are available. Plus is there any ammo available for 9mm other then CHEC or BEkAL in the market and at which prices. I also got info that HOLLOW POINT of NORINCO is available in the market at vary reasonable price. Plus i heard that TAURUS is not a PARABELLUM. Got any info regarding it. Are u into shotgunning or hunting or somebody else.

The .45 I have is a model of the Taurus 24/7 series. Almost all Taurus weapons are made in Brazil. I use American Army issue .45 rounds, which are very reliable and available sometimes in the local market. I have some .45 hollow points as well made by FC (US).

For 9mm I use FC (Amercian Eagle) for carrying and Russian and Pakistan Ordinance Factory Wah made bullets for sport. There are several different brands of 9mm ammo available in the local market. Hollow points are very powerful but a bit too destructive in my opinion. A normal 9mm bullet will injure a person enough to disable him but a hollow point would burn a hole slightly larger than a five ruppee coin in his body.

As far as the mis fires. The 9mm 24/7 is very ammo sensitive, you need a bullet with a smooth shiny jacket and very very little gun powder residue for it to work properly. It will only work without flaw with about 4 out of 20 brands out of which maybe you'll find just one in Pakistan. The P92 however will fire any damn thing you put it as long as it's 9mm.

As far as prices, last time I checked both the P92 and the 24/7 were under 70,000. I have to buy some new weapons in the next three weeks, I'll confirm prices again.

I do like hunting, only wild boar & rabbits though. Sadly I don't get enough time nowadays.

Man you have got good info regarding fire arms. i have got recent information that Sigma 9 mm Smith & Wesson is available inmarket for reduced prices. It some how got into the market at price range between 1.2 to 1.5 lac. it is a very good buy and nice investment plus a very good and stable pistol. very accurate . i have fired it couple of times and each time with excellent results. un fortunately i could not got hold of one. Abbas which other guns have u got. u should also try Cyler & Bellot ammo. It is available in the market and very reliable and it costs about 50/ round. have u ever seen or used HORNET. or ever tried Skeet shooting? i will definately check P92. it is copy of Beretta. and very lovely design. by the way i am Taurus as well. So its nice to be bull headed and have a bull headed pistol with you. very intimidating pistol. Where is the best shop to buy AMMO in lahore. Do u recommend any place which has got good variety and reasonable prices. I am also interesting in buying shotgun ammo ike federal, Fauchi or some other brand.