Firearms & Shooting Clubs

Heyz, anyone here interested in Guns/Pistols ? What kind do you guys have ?

Whenever I want to test a new weapon I have to use the Army ranges. Anyone has any info on gun clubs/commercial firing ranges in Lahore ?

I know this dragging things off-topic, but I would be interested about the same, but in Karachi.

I want to (a) get a licensed firearm and (B) practice / learn at a shooting range.

whoa man I wann learn shooting too but dont know any place in multan that'd teach me

I'm surprised that not more people are interested in guns. I guess the recent events here in Pakistan and the crazies running around have turned guns into a sterotype of Guns = Bad.

What kind of firearms are you interested in btw Raza ? Getting a license made is pretty tough nowadays.

No its not tough :)

you can get easily a license and also the gun. I am not sure but there is a shooting club here in islamabad but never went there because i dont need to learn ;) to shot lolzzz by the way for license i can help you buddies but only people in pindi/isb.

and i htink this is the link

Am a hunter and a gun lover too . . .

@ topic in islamabad u need to visit the mobilink gun club in sports complex isb . .details can b checked on their website . In lhr u can go to the garizon club there r others too but i m not famililer with em .. . N it also depends upon what kinda sport r u interested in . . Skeet n trap ,target shooting or hawai firing lol just kiding .

@lisence . . Never make a localy offerd gun lisence valid for a specific province only . .these tom dick n harry arms dealer always offer u to make 1

always go for ministry of interior arms license . .and i know places wher u can go n hav one .

My parents were always against guns. They never bought any. During NCC training, first time in my life, I handle a semi-automatic American made gun.

Guess what, when almost all of my friends having white-wash or one or two shots, I got 10/10 shots for 100 meters range :) Looks like, I am natural :D But that still can't convince my parents to buy any gun even after some robberies in my home.

My parents and other elders in my family belong to group of people that live life with "guns are bad and good people don't use guns". However, I have motto "every man has the right to protect himself and his property with whatever protection he can get". :)

Fe-Aman Allah.

Well to be frank, I don't think getting the license part of the equation would be challenging for me :P

I think the issue is more to find a safe, secure place where I can learn / practice given that I don't plan on carrying a side arm with me everywhere nor do I expect myself to be involved any situation that would require one.

It's great that all you guys have access to licenses ! Get them while you can, just make sure they are 1). Original 2). Preferably Ministry of Interior like Gunnie said above.

Btw there are a lot of fake Min of Interior licenses going around nowadays. The most popular fake license maker is the gun shop in F-8 market near Preston. Last I heard he was charging around 10 k for a license.

It's a great hobby. There is only one commercial firing range in Lahore, but they are kinda small. I usually just go to my village and use them but recently the Army people bought most the land surrounding mine and built nuke silos. Now they get a little 'testy' and come running when they hear gunshots. :D

In Karachi, PNS Karsaz has a world class indoor shooting range. It is used for national championships. Enthusiasts can visit that too.

Anyone ever visited Durra...? I went there couple of years back, the weapons dealer told my uncle to pay him cash right there and they'll deliver the 'thang' themselve at home as soon as we get back, as its diffcult to pass through the checkpoints with weapons..

lolzzz as for Durra never buy anything from there they are desi and not worth wasting money buy some good weapon else it will be only waste of money as you can have a repeator as low as 3000 as the one i have cost me round about 800000/= two years back so you can imagine the diff in quality.

I visited about 8 or 9 years back. It really is a crazy place. It's a must see for anyone, anytime.

For a virtual visit to Dara..

As far as buying something from there, Dara guns and ammo are nice to look at but their level of metallurgy is low. The weapons heat up fast, the gunpowder in the bullets is often filled manually (by hand). But it's nice to be able to buy bullets by the kilo! :D

Yeah thats right they even offer walaiti gunz :) but most of them are second hand or are at the end of their life so what i suggest dont even buy bullets :) from there coz they can dmage your gunz but yeah they are cheap so if you just wana show off they buy from them but if you want to do some deshum desum then buy some good stuff

I dont know if its true or just another rumor that those guys up in Dura have enough weapon to fight Pakistan army for years.. hah! :lol:

@ bila badmash

berretta makes one of the most reliable semi autos in the world . And the most exp model i-e extreama is under 5 lakhs . .i m curious to knw which one did u buy for 800thousand . . .

@ darra

if u only want to fire bulets in air and wana hear the noise then visit dara and buy guns frm there .otherwise dont waste ur money in buying the fake replica crap frm there . . .bt at the same tim there r sm good gunsmiths in dara bt very few who deal in original stuf . .but for a lay man its hard to distinguish btw a genuine and a fake one .so they ll charge u for num 1 and wil giv u num 2 . .

If anyone wants to learn and improve his aim then dont think abt handguns/pistols as good ones r way too expensive and by using fake or cheaper ones u wil never ever b good at target shooting . .

Start with a smal cal weapon such as a .22 rifle . .its the best we can get for target shooting . .the good co guns r cheap and ammo is also very cheap and easily available . .u can get a good brand new .22 rifle btw 15 to 50 thousand . . And it wil last for centuries :-)

Gunnie's right. Darra weapons are mainly for show (guards) and the occasional firing. The bullets however are junk because too much gunpowder and it will kill your weapon's barrel. Even the POF (Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Wah) bullets are kinda crappy. They are manufactured to spec but you can always count on a misfire atleast once in a pack of 50. When used in a weapon for self defense, I don't have to tell you that misfiring or jamming is a big no no. Great for target practice, due to it's relatively cheaper cost.

As far as guns themselves are concerned. They don't have to cost an arm and a leg. I think I'll put up a couple of pictures to liven up things.

.22 is good for target practice. The first step up from an airgun. A good .22 rifle will cost Rs. 35,000 average. My personal favorite is the Walther G22, below. It's available in the local market for around Rs. 90,000.


Shotguns and pistols are best for self defense and sport.

There are two shotguns which are defacto champs. The Winchester Defender and the Remington 870. They are both avaible in the local market under Rs. 100,000. Btw on a budget FABARM is a great Italian shotgun for around Rs. 70,000 & on a very tight budget a Turkish model is in the market which looks better than all three below and it costs 30 k.

In a locked house, one man with a shotgun, using it intelligently can defend against 3 people with Ak-47's.




As far as pistols. You can't go wrong with the Taurus PT92/99 or Taurus 24/7 series. These handguns are great and as good as any in the world at any price range. Both are avaible in the local market for under Rs. 60,000.

Btw, living in Pakistan you have to be thick to buy a original Beretta 92 for Rs. 300,000 when you can buy a Taurus 92 which is an exact replica and manufactured in an ex Beretta factory under license.

Some more eye candy!



charey wali gun is enough for me :D

a well placed shot from "charey wali gun" in eye is enough :D