Financial Statements for Shell Pakistan Limited

Uh, not exactly the ideal place to post it, but still gonna try my luck.

As the topuc suggests, i need financial statements for shell pakistan limited for 07, 08 and 09. I got them from shell's website but the quality of the pdf is so poor that i cant even see the figures properly.

So either, i need the proper pdf of good quality or some way to convert the crappy pdf into text so i can see the figures?


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Alamode I have downloaded some of the reports you mentioned and the 2009 Annual report seems bearable, although i think it would not turn out to be as good in print. 2008 and 2007 have been scanned very badly and you would need to zoom in to relevant area of the page to read it properly. I think you would have to arrange physical copies. I have heard that for listed companies you can get their Annual reports from the Stock Exchange by paying a certain amount of charges. I'll confirm to you after asking around.


I just asked a friend. You can get printed Annual reports of any Listed company from the Library section of KSE in basement of the KSE building. They charge around 60 Rupees for the annual report. Hope this helps.

Thanks !

I was actually hoping for a soft copy so that i can copy paste the figures in Excel (Need to do some analysis). The PDF for the Fiscal year 06 is in great condition and i simply copy pasted the figures without any problem.

Is it possible to get a soft copy in good condition from somewhere? A good quality PDF would work or even better in excel?

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sah exactly just imagine what credibility financial statement got then… i rest my case, no disrespect intended.

you can ask any research house (akd, arif habib, js etc).. pretend to be from a uni/school and request very nicely.. they make models and might have them already in excel.. :)