- new file hosting released! An official thread

We are glad to announce an official release of file hosting service.

Our team has been working hardly for months, and now we are ready to present the result. Actually, the hosting already started its work in a test mode about a month ago, and there are partners who already share their files and earn with us (we thank you all for your cooperation and input).

Let us also mention our team - a group of professional web-developers with more than 10 year experience. And we have put all our knowledge and experience into FilePost project. We have also hired the managers who used to work at popular file hosting services. As a result we clearly realize the future evolution way of FilePost, and from the very beginning we plan to avoid the mistakes and problems common for file hostings. key features are:

1. User friendliness

Our service is user-friendly and really convenient. The best designers have worked on the site look and feel. File upload, categorization and distribution were thought over, as a result there is a system of high efficiency. You can evaluate all advantages of the interface when working with a great number of files. If you still need assistance while using the system, our support managers are ready to clarify all your questions. Also, feel free to review our FAQ section to find the answers to your questions fast.

2. File sharing opportunities

No e-mail system can ever be compared with the file sharing possibilities our service grants. FilePost allows to upload and share files up to 3GB each! What is more, there are no limitations for a number of uploaded files and available disk space, as well as amount of downloads for free users. Today you can upload files via regular and FTP upload as well as remotely from about ten major file hostings, and much more will be added shortly!

3. Safe and secure

We take security and privacy seriously. All the information you submit at the service is encrypted. You can be sure all the uploaded files are safe, noone can download them without your permission. We plan to advance the security measures and keep adding new features.

4. High speed

A distributed system of the modern servers with the best up-to-date hard disks along with the dynamic balancing and 10-GBit uplinks, provided by the largest traffic providers, guarantee high speed at the service. We do not set up any limits for all user types, still premium users get the highest speed available. Actually, we support stable comfort speed for all customers around the world.

5. Reliability

You will never doubt of our service reliability! It is just not possible to have files lost since we store your data copies. The system is supposed to stand much higher than regular level load, so FilePost can easily deal with peak load moments. The system balancing ensures stable service speed at any time of a day. There are additional servers and bandwidth reserved, thus no resource lack is ever possible.

6. Unlimited capabilities

We offer the highest possible speed values for free account owners and super conditions for our premium partners that are beyond any comparison. Premium customers can enjoy unlimited speed and bandwidth for both file upload and download. Once you sign up for our premium service, you won’t like to leave it.

7. Realtime statistics

It is so easy to review all your statistics online at FilePost! In addition to download stats, file distributors get access to the detailed reports and graphics. Our partners can evaluate all advantages of special marketing reports about file popularity. You can be sure each successful download and sale will be counted.

8. The highest payouts

Do not miss unique opportunities to earn by file distribution. We pay for file downloads from all countries, up to 35USD per 1000 downloads! As an alternative you can choose a program where we pay 60% of all sales and rebills inspired by your files. What is more, site owners can get up to 15% of referred sales; if you attract referrals, you get up to 25% of their revenue. What is important, all payouts are processed quickly. We are preparing tasty special offers for our partners, they are to be announced soon.

You really can trust us, our goal is to provide a high-quality file sharing service for our users and bring generous revenue to our partners. What is important - we know how to do that!

We will be glad to get your feedback about, thus feel free to send your suggestions to us! Any questions - contact our support team.

Stay tuned, there will be more news soon!

With best regards, team