File Association Problem!

Hi Forum!

I'm havin this problem as u can see in the image below...tht theres some sort ov problem with file just happend...there aint any virus in ma computer but still how to correct this whole...if u try to change the target file of an indivdual folder the whole windows file association changes help me out plz!!!!!


dude i don't have any permanent fix for your problem but i can give you rock solid temporary fix, use this file associater program, just put it in C: drive, after setup click to associate, it will associate the extensions to any of your programm of choice and turn it off the association will come back to windows default. work awesome

i use it with my flash key to temporally associate files on my office computer to programs on my flash disk.

nope it didn't work!

it works 100% , this software is made by very highly respected group programmers been around long time.

you have to individually enter the extension and direct to the the program with wihch its gonna be associated with. dude read the help on the site, i directed you to something you do the homework, good luck

I have also same problem with my Win Xp, I set the file association but it again forget it. Why?

tuneup utilities have an file association repair tool too i guess