FiFa World Cup

Who you think will win the second Semi-Final. Brazil (at time of writing ) have already seen the wrath of nature it seems :lol:

It was a very very bad defeat, I think ARG if Messi played well or Holland keeping in mind that they trashed spain

bad defeat is a understatement, it was humiliation. When I started watching, it was Brazil 0 Germany 1. I thought, there is plenty of time left and brazil can score an equalizer and came the Blitzkrieg, it felt like I was playing fifa 98 on a PC, Germans could take possession and within minutes it could be deposited in Brazilian net.

Germans kept pushing for goals, unlike many other teams in the previous matches, who used to take lead, and tried to sit back but lost the match in the end e.g IMSMR this happened in Netherlands vs Mexico match.

IMHO, Dutch will not let Messi do his magic.

Yesterday was a dark day in the history of football, darkest of them all. The curse was upon brazil. :(
Argentine must not win! i hate them! hate messi!

I dont like German team..lets backup Holland!

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I dont like German team..lets backup Holland!


Warum so viel Hass auf Deutsche?

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Why so much hate for Germans ?


I like ARG .. you know personal preference.I dont like Holland either caz they play Hockey very well..i dun want them to lift every sports CUP ^_^

Who do you think will take the cup home? My guess is Germany they gonna win this game

Germans have a team, but Argentina is no Brazil.

30 mins into 3rd position match, it seems 1-7 defeat wasn't an isolated even in Brazilian Football history :lol:

2 - 0 ,brazil is no more brazil without the likes of ronaldo,ravaldo and KaKa.. brazil in short is no more a good team

Final Score 0-3. Brazil vs Dutch.

They LOST badly eh.. Am supporting ARG

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Google filtered World Cup search trend news to spare Brazil from further agony

If you love Brazilian futebol, this has been an especially tough week; that devastating loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals was a shock to fans used to victory. Thankfully for you, Google feels your pain. The internet giant has revealed to NPR that its experimental social newsroom for the Cup avoided covering some of the bigger Brazilian search trends during the lopsided match, such as "shame," because they were simply too negative. As producer Sam Clohesy explains, the decision was motivated both by a desire to go viral as well as pure sympathy


O yeah baby! argentina lost!

Where is Argentina on world map?

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They LOST badly eh… Am supporting ARG

Where is Argentina on world map?

Its in Southern South America.

You googled or wikipediad it :D

Yes I did, whats wrong with it