Fifa Weekend League Play resolved--Best Connection Optix

for my fifa friends.
so after too many testing of connections, i can confirm that weekend league work on green bars on OPTIX internet- which is basically a front of Multinet so either service will work fine–full green bars for weekend league

Optix is by far the best gaming internet i could try

please note that for seasons , it only gives green bar to users in pakistan which i am sure not too many right now since 18 is just released a month ago, however Weekend league is FIXED

services i have tried and failed for

novanet (dedicated line)
witribe (dedicated line)
witribe (normal with external antenna)
witribe (LTE)
zong wingle (issue was only NAT 3 type)
ptcl dongle (Nat 2 type but service still crap)

please feel free to add in any other service you know which you tried and got failed /succesfull