Fifa Online 2

Any body playing that game if so do tell me

lol look at the minimum system requirements :o

Pentium 31.3Ghz and Pentium 41.3 Ghz!

^Its not that much to make a :o ! Its pentium III 1.3ghz and pentium IV 1.8ghz. Now a days everyone is buying atleast 3.0ghz.

I'm downloading it now

looks fun. downloading now :D

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^Its not that much to make a :o ! Its pentium III 1.3ghz and pentium IV 1.8ghz. Now a days everyone is buying atleast 3.0ghz.

I’m downloading it now


well a 31.3 Ghz and a 41.8 Ghz Pentium is definitely worth a :o

I guess you just missed the cheesy/sarcastic tone it was spirited in.

its fifa 07 format game so no worry no high specs needed to play game n

to play multiplay/online with other user at least 1 mb connection n play on low graphics

else lags lot :D

doesnt seem official though..notice the domain iahgames...ea login doesnt work on their site

an official game for those who dont buy dvd n use fake serials

they can now play online that way

thers an official version available for free as well at

well dont download from there coz game update comes every week so download latest one

its ea game but its

website is this one

ya it looks cool.i download it abt a year ago but cant be able to play to play with 2.4 thing below 3.0 will not be compatible with the game.have fun

well if u have fifa07 n 2.4 ghz lets play it on gameranger!

2.4 ghz above specs n u may hav starting problems try again i say better than fifa 07 coz fifa 10 mixture included lol n new skills n spiky moves n 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 matches too n do tell me if any body facing problems in installing coz i got some exp of those problems

Playing FIFA online is not fun! Firstly it lags too much on our damned lines, and secondly it not fun to play an older version of game when you already have newer ones!

nope its fun to be playing with some 1 than playing with cpu :P

n for lag i play on low graphics

its old version but the best version of fifa n they r daily updating the moves n players with new patches

love this game <3

look nice downloading ............................

yea me too playing fifa online.. :P

its just fifa12

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yea me too playing fifa online… :P…file/2445576757

its just fifa12


Your profile picture there actually looks cool, where as in real life you just look like a monster … or zombie exactly!



lol banda ban pai.. =P