Fiber optic

i want to use dsl of ptcl with 8 mbps speed. my friend told me that dsl with 8mbps speed will work smoothly with fiber optic. is it true that copper wire is suitable for dsl with 4mb speed and dsl with 8mb will work smoothly with fiber optic? if someone is using the dsl of ptcl then guide me and tell me that what is the alternative solution if the quality of my copper wire is poor and fiber optic is not available in my area in lahore?

It depends on the condition of your copper wire even my 1Mbps connection is now not being supported on copper and they have said me that they would switch my line to fibre.

I am usin' PTCL 1 MB connection with fibre line ........ and the speedz gud ...... only hd to bribe the line man 1k bucks n alls dun ....... u shud migrate to the location where fibre is available ........