Fiber optic vs copper line

I am using 4mb package on fiber optic line but usually line goes dead due to power breakage, I am thinking of converting my phone line to copper. Do you think it will affect on my internet experience?

I asked local exchange dsl in charge he said there will be no difference.

yup no difference if the copper line situation is better in your area...if the DSL officer is satisfied with copper then you may proceed in getting it. Otherwise ONU is the best other then power outages.

If you switch over to an ONU line, does your internet/

phone/TV all go down, during load-shedding ?.

I am thinking of switching from WorldCall to PTCL Smart

TV, but I am concerned about this aspect of it. Summer

is coming and there will be plenty of load-shedding. Right

now, at least our phone, cable and internet still work

during load-shedding hours.




Sheikh 'Bird In Hand' Chilli

hmm if so then i guess you should give it a try...hope it will spend your worldcup time without any fuss though...

Your phone lines should stay on even if on ONU in case of a power failure.

I had some issues a while back when the phone line did go down in case of a power failure, but that was rectified after making a complaint.


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Copper is pathetic. Stay on ONU. If power fails for ONU, copper lines may also don’t work in your area during load shedding. Confirm it from others. (Moreover, 4-10 Mbps is not a much high speed and can easily be achieved on good quality copper or aluminium but in coming days, it won’t be possible to provide extremely high bandwidth on metal wires)

Actually copper lines stay alive because they have generator setup for copper line but for ONU it stays on batteries for sometime but unstable dsl lights are more problem to me on ONU line.

Currently I am using 4mb so I just want to make sure that copper will work as ONU to me because dsl guy said copper quality is good in our area.

^^then no probs just go for it.!

how to know that my line is cooper or fiber?

my telephone wire were installed in 2006 its black

my phone keep working during load sheddings

that aint a sign only exchange lineman or 1236 can tell.!

okay here is another sign few days ago in our town PTCL main cable were crashed which is usually underground from Main DP box to DP tower, and i've seen there that cable contains inside large count of tiny cables with each different colored.


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I HAVE 2 CONECTIONS n line on fiber.sorry we r living in Pakistan.where no any shadule of load shading.fabir is working on battery(UPS)BACKUP AFTER LOADSHADING.N IN PAKISTAN,thet run only 30 to 45 mins usually.yes my both line goes dead daily 3,4 no any dsl then.

so dooooooont get any fiber both conection work 30,0mins after loadshading.n then i m waiting 4 light again.then they work


is that true?


yup this happens in areas where ONU batteries are exhausted and needs to be replaced.