Few websites are not accessible on PTCL as of 7PM

I am unable to go to Facebook.com, twitter.com and wikipedia.com as of 7PM today on PTCL DSL. The error on Firefox is :

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
The connection has timed out


and on Chrome:

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
Chrome could not connect to facebook.com


Also there are few ramdom sites which are inaccessible like:

ramnode.com, http://www.nescafe.com

Anyone else having the same problem?

Update Edit: All these sites are working behind the Proxy?

Have you tried using non-PTCL DNS servers?

Yes changing them to Google DNS solved the problem, but is PTCL blocking all these sites?

their DNS server is dead

Everything is working fine on my end but then again I am already on google DNS for the past 2 years now ... :mellow:

Seems fixed as of 9:30PM

The speed is really dead and slow right now, can anyone confirm that?

Reboot your device and try again.