Fedora 9 on VMWare

Dear All Asalam O Alikum!

Any one can please tell me is it possible to run Fedora 9 (i386) on VMWare ? if yes then please tell me the complete procedure.


^ it is possible

as for the procedure it shud be pretty straight forward, but as i havent used Vmware personally so i cant say

I tried it myself but getting some errors :(

What errors are you facing? You should take care to match the kernel version of the VM and the distro.

Are you installing it on vmware server?

And what host os are you using? win, mac, linux?

@ Asad

Actually I download the ISO of Fedora 9 from Fedora's website and it might be corrupt as VMware shows no boot device.

@ nabeelimran

I am using VMware workstation 6.5 on Win XP.

I bought a DVD of Fedora 8 from market today and going to test it today on VMware let see it is gona work for me now or not :)

^ Try checking the hash for the ISO file you downloaded. This will verify if the image file is corrupt or not.

ok, please keep us posted :) and

Best of Luck

At last I successfully install Fedora Core 8 on VMware :).

Asad I don't know how to do this hash thing to check the ISO please guide me.

decent.look: Read the step-by-step procedure at the link below: