Fears grow of U.S. attack on Pakistan

i know the rules say 'no politics. (unless they directly affect all things tech!)' but if this happens then there would be no tech weck left to talk about..

Fears grow of U.S. attack on Pakistan

its posted on Reuters blog by journalist of indian origin, so its understandable, he wants us to be attacked

just a tactic to pressurize the new govt i feel..

election campaign in USA, they're making all kind of stupid statements..

a 9/11 type attack would help McCain ..

Bush would attack Iran if he suspects that Obama is winning...

lol America is already in bad shape and if they attack Pakistan then the already weak economy of America will be weaker and besides that i don't think it will be easy war but I am sure Indians will be the biggest ally of America in US VS PK war.

Our leaders will start doing their bidding long before that happens...

they may launch a few ground assaults in the tribal areas themselves if our army is unable to get their required results though...

India + US + Afghanistan.

Afghanistan? do they have a army? lol what they call Afghan army even our police tullas can single handily own them all

afghans can only produce terrorists and taliban . haven't heard of any afghan army.

All I have to say is WOW! The article you linked to is full of grammatical mistakes. So my advice to that upstart Indian journalist is that take a course in the English language rather than cooking up far-fetched conspiracy theories if you are serious about your future in journalism. ;)

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Afghanistan? do they have a army? lol what they call Afghan army even our police tullas can single handily own them all

Yeah, and even they’re threatening us right now. We’re at a very low low.

Pakistan is too reliant on USA. Pakistan isnt Iran. We have no exports or anything to live on. All they would have to do is ban PIA flights into USA/Europe, freeze banks from doing business with Pakistan etc. Its just talk, they dont have to shoot even one bullet to control Pakistan. We dont even have more than 6 day supply of oil. Thats literally as long as we could survive even with a war with India.. One week.. MAX. So nope, USA will never attack Pakistan... if anything a few missiles at some villages somewhere and a few people will protest in the street and thats all that will happen.

i am just wondering WHY do American people keep on voting for these friggin' warmongers

time yet has not come to be under attake Pakistan. West have to utilize lot us than thwy will try to destroy us. But I think we are not easy cack.

we dont have to outsource destruction of pakistan, we already have people like musharaff!

This is bordering on politics. Careful...

outsourcing is kind of a technical term