Favorite Firefox Extentions?

Here is a small list of Extensions that I use most often with Firefox.

* Disable targets for downloads — This one will prevent Firefox from opening up a new window or tab when you click on a file to download

* Optimoz — Mouse Gestures. I absolutely can’t live without this one. It;s always the first one I install.

* AdBlock Plus — Bye Bye adverts!

* Linkification — Automatically converts plain text URL’s to clickable URL’s

* Paste and Go — Used in conjunction with Optimize and Tabs, simply copy a URL and create a new tab and voila.

* Colorful Tabs - Coloring every tab with a different color

* DownloadThemAll

* Bookmark Synchronizer

* IE Switch (switch pages to display using the IE engine (useful for testing))

* SessionSaver: This one is a life saver.

Please share your thoughts and your favorite extensions

I'd second Ad Block Plus - cleanses the web experience :)

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Adblock Plus

WebMail Notifier


Colorful Tabs

Download Statusbar


URL Link

Quiz Addicts' Toolbar (my fav)

Adblock Plus

No Script (safe to surf virus/spyware embedded sites with this)

Download Helper (download any media)

StumbleUpon (discover amazing websites accourding to your taste)

FlashGot (an extension which supports most download managers)

I use ChatZilla ..




Download helper Tho i installed Firefox beta 3.0b4 some other extensions couldn't be used.

btw what is Optimoz ? can't find it in extentions :\

Flash got

Adblock Plus

Pic lens

and many more

* FireBug

* No Squint (Remember Text Zoom)

* Download Helper

Firebug (the most useful web design tool)

AB Plus (I don't know what I'd do without it)

Web Developer Toolbar (the second most useful web development FF extension)

My other fav web development FF extensions

* NoScript

* FlashGot

* FoxMarks (Bookmarks Synchronizer)



adblock plus


session manager (light ka koi bharosa nai )