Faulty consumer items

i bought a stabimatic stabilizer 6 months ago. a few months ago it went off in sparks and stoped working. went into repairs and got it back in ten days from the waranty people. yesterday it produced sparks again and burnt the extention wire attached to it. what i want to say is that it did not do its work. now i have old stabilizers that work perfectly fine for the past 8 to ten years. good quality stuff remeber those things produced and imported before a few years. i want to say that just for the cause of making money these importers are bringing in D quality stuff from china . even the stuff producded locally is being done without any sort of standards. they only and only care about the money and nothing else no standards and moral with these people. i say if we pay for something let it be what it is suppose to be. they make more then 100% profit on such stuff. yes u read it right 100 % got that from some one who does it himself. is money more important then any other thing in pakistan. are pakistanis so immoral that they dont care about the way that they make money. no wonder there is so much frustration in the country. every one want more money and they dont care where and how it comes to them. sad just sad. pakistanis are headed towards dooom as history clearly states.

i would also like to ask where in this city of karachi can i find non pakistani non chinese stabilizers and other electronic stuff. cause i work hard for my money and wait patiently and save to buy things. so i want my money worth. i think that is really hard around pakistanis but i ask u all in karachi guide me to a place worth going to. thanks i might have been harsh with some words but i am justified. if i was earning through wrong ways i wouldnt care . but not the case with me. plz guide me in sitatuion.

Actually this is due to lack of strong consumer rights organistaion or non functioning of consumer courts. Add to it lack of interest both from "Consumers" (yes) and government.

See what one is paying for buy a suzuki mehran :( 392000/= that is too much and no quality to it :(

when u look for quality then almost every item being sold in pakistan is faulty some how or the other. because we all love to be exploited and dont care or even bother to question. all these lacking in society mount to frustration. which then leads to many problem that are being faced today by pakistanis. i dont see an end to this but i see the situation gettin worst and worst. sad

There is no Govt. check on quality of all product even health goods. So, it is our bad luck that we vote for those.

yes i agree all the brands now are cheap rip offs. that was kind of my point to that from the outside its exactly the same but in the inside its all crap. and sad thing is that no one to stop it and we are forced to buy such stuff.

No one of stop them because the #$%# in National

assembly owns all the factories and mills that generate 2 No stuff :(

there is nothing wrong in pakistan except for the pakistani race.