Fariya Net Karachi

Can anyone of you who is an user of fariya net can give feedback about its service. it will be quite helpful. thanks in advance

I have used Fariya for about 1 year.


huge collection of sharing (FTP)

good for lan gaming

fast browsing


Downloading speed sucks.

you will get viruses easily

you can not run torrents

you can not do online gaming.

no Torrents!!! :(

Der network is full of viruses.. Make sure to update your anti virus and also install a firewall before joining fariya's network.

well em usin fariya net

n i can use torents even em downloadin movies frm torents ryt now ......!!!

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well em usin fariya net

n i can use torents even em downloadin movies frm torents ryt now …!!!


and how’s your experience been with fariya ?

i mean download/upload speed … how’s browsing ?

how is online video streaming ?

and any downtimes ?

where exactly you’re in karachi ?

3 AM - 3 PM = 1mbps

3PM - 3AM = 512Kbps

Torrents allowed.

Downtime frequency very very low. I thought it doesn't work during Load shedding hours but surprised to know that it was working when i checked it one day with a laptop.

Price = 600 Rs/month

Tests before 3 PM





any Fariya user here?

whats their coverage area?

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whats their coverage area?

Gulshan -e- Iqbal , Johar , North Karachi etc etc I think …


I started using Fariya from today. Great speed boost for me (100KBps average) and superb performance on Youtube. Gotta update my antivirus now before some Windows backdoor ruins my life.

I used Fariya for sometime, In clifton but then replaced with other local net

does anyone know of a any service currently operating in clifton block 5?

i was the user of fariya but i quit using the service of fariya because on vypress chat user are always annoyed me by writing the same message which was always like that " Ex " :D

well now fariya is became ISP congratulations to FARIYA ...

Wtf? 1st of all, i hadn't heard about it until now, secondly, their website isn't working properly (packages, etc aren't showing up), lastly, ALL their contact number AREN'T working either. Am i supposed to go to their head office for any queries? <_<

I don't know about the phone numbers but if your area has Fariya coverage then the right person to contact is your local Cable wala aka "line-man" because it will be HIM who provides you connectivity with Fariya and he will have his own rates (usually the same but rates can change). If you are in the immediate are of Fariya HO then maybe you should visit them directly.

Seems like i have to switch over to this as well....

Fariya provides excellent service in Johar Block 13, according to my neighbors. I'll be switching to Fariya real soon.

Does Fariya have a 1mbps package??

Their packages look very attractive. I just sent them an email today to know if they operate in my area.

Is anyone from P.E.C.H.S. Block 2 using their service ? if yes, then what package have you subscribed and how good is their service.