Far Cry 4 on Mount Everest, US gamer William Cruz sets world record

NEW YORK: William Cruz, one 23-year-old of Provo, Utah, has taken video gaming to an entirely new level. He reached Mount Everest to play a video game and set a new world record.

With only few days to go for Far Cry 4 release date, Ubisoft now have a new Guinness World Record for ‘Highest Altitude Videogame Console Session’. He visited Kathmandu, the Khumbu Glacier, Khumjung Monastery, and the Ubisoft Base Camp at Mt Everest, as per the news by Ubisoft. This is something really great. Isn’t it?

According to the Guinness World Records website, “The highest altitude videogame console session on land is 5,660 metres (18,569 ft 6.2in) and was achieved by Ubisoft (USA) at Kala Patthar in Nepal, on 11 October 2014

In anticipation of the launch of ‘Far Cry 4′, Ubisoft producers chose Utah native and lucky fan William Cruz as the winner of a quest – “Quest for Everest: the Gaming Journey of a Lifetime”. He won this contest and got an opportunity to play the game while sitting at the top of a mountain and a spectacular view in front of him, as per the information provided by Ubisoft.

As per Ubisoft, William Cruz played the video game for about 90 minutes, although it was not one of those fantastic gaming sessions as he kept on dying in the game. They also said that Cruz was no hardened traveller and has never visited places outside of the United States earlier. That’s why he had to file for a passport to be able to take part in the contest and make the trip.

As per the company’s news site, as the team gained height, walking, eating and sleeping became harder and harder.