FAQS Regarding Leo Privacy App (andriod&ios)

General Faqs

1. Find Settings

Please click the key on the top right corner in the interface, then you can find “Settings”

2.Unhide Files

Step 1: Please click the file you want to unhide;

Step 2: Click the button on the top right corner, select the file;

Step 3: Click "unhide", then you can unhide the file.

3. Reset Pattern or Password

Please click the key on the top right cornering the interface, then choose “Reset Password” to reset pattern or password.

- How to protect LEO Privacy Guard from being uninstalled by other people?

In order to ultimately protect your privacy, you can activate "Advanced Protection", and then no one can uninstall Privacy Guard.

Find the prevention button"Settings""Advanced Protection"

- How to uninstall LEO Privacy Guard?

How to uninstall: Go to "Settings" -- Deactivate "Advanced Protection", then you can uninstall Privacy Guard.

- Where is fingerprint scanner of LEO Privacy Guard? How does it work?

The fingerprint scanner cover is the app cover fooling others who don't know the trick to open it. It won't work like Touch ID. Also, Android system now does not support this function, so cover is all we can do now. Hope you enjoy!

- Why did my hidden images and videos go missing?

1. If you have uninstalled LEO Privacy Guard, after reinstallation, you cannot find your hidden files which some cleaning apps possibly delete.

2. If your private files disappear without operation, some of the cleaning apps probably regard your hidden files as junk and delete them when you clear ram or junk.

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