Fake product

I just ordered a herbal product from some one in Pakistan through the Internet however this product appears to be counterfeit (fake).

I have contacted him but he is not listening any more. Is there anything I can do about it (consumer courts etc) that can really force him to refund the product?

^^^ just forget about it and move on, unless you have connections and ties with political individuals ,extremist, terrorist's and bhai loog's.

Herbal products are soon going to banned ..as they are mostly unlicensed and unregistered and no approved drug contents..

so avoid all of them

How could you tell it was fake. What does a real herbal product even do?

if you are going to buy herbal products at least buy "Hamdard" or "Qarshi" Dawakhana products, check their website for authorized dealers to minimize the risk of buying fake's.

Local solution will be to go to any good "Hakeem" and ask him to write you the ingredients for the products and mixing amount you are interested in and buy them locally and mix them yourself or ask the "Hakeem" to help you out.

If you are going to buy some unknown products from market, the chances of fakes are gonna be sky high, specially in Pakistan, where fake medicine is a lucrative business.