Fact or Fiction : "The Ugandan Zombie Virus"

Came across this article.....

I think its an April fools joke...

Whayt do you think??

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World Health Organization is on high alert about new Ugandan outbreak, cause is not fully known


Added commentary from Jason Oh, a Johns Hopkins Univ. public health studies student who is currently in Uganda studying the disease post-conflict transformation. Mr. Oh described some of the symptoms in more detail, and offered different perspective from the CNN reporters' experience.

CNN has also reworded their report to tone down the suggestion of violent behavior.

It's called the "nodding disease" and it's a baffling illness that has struck thousands of children in northern Uganda. The illness brings on seizures, violent behavior in some (debated), personality changes, and a host of other unusual symptoms.

I. Mental Degradation: Child Victims Have no Cure, no Future

Grace Lagat, a northern Uganda native, is mother of two children -- Pauline Oto and Thomas -- both of whom are victims of the disease. For their safety, when she leaves the house, she now ties them up, using fabric like handcuffs. She recalls, "When I am going to the garden, I tie them with cloth. If I don't tie them I come back and find that they have disappeared."

Reportedly the children gnaw at their fabric restraints, like a rabid animals -- or "zombies" of popular fiction -- in an attempt to escape. (This is based on CNN's commentary.)

(Jason Oh points out that the restraints are intended to protect the chidlren from harm, and from starting fires.)

The effort to restrain the children is not unwarranted. In one of the most bizarre symptoms of this tragic illness, children with the disease are reportedly setting fire to buildings in their communities. Coupled with the aimless wandering this disease provokes in victims, this is a deadly combination. More than 200 people have been killed in fires believed to be set by the zombified children.

(According to Jason Oh, there have been few reports of violent behavior. It is unclear where our primary source CNN received this information, though a reader suggested that a CDC report indicated that 10 to 15 percent of children were found to exhibit increased aggression. We were unable to locate this report.) ..............


It's real http://cnn.com/video/?/video/world/2012/03/19/mckenzie-uganda-nodding-disease.cnn

But you won't find the term 'zombie' being used in the CNN report. That just a gimmick being used by the other article to get more clicks.

Very interesting. I just the saw the CNN video (thanks for the link). It looks like some sort of virus/bacteria/parasite that attack nervous system and probably give physical damage that can't be reverse. Sad, really sad. But looks like its not that much contagious otherwise the mother of those two children must have gotten it too. Maybe, it's a food/water borne disease.

Everyone is a zombie, people spend their lives like a living dead.