Facing Strange problem with an1020-25 Modem

Hello Friends,

I am facing strange problem with my ptcl an1020-25 modem, when i switch it on after connecting to dsl it start giving noise in phone line i tried different splitters but nothing working

is my modem is faulty or somthing else if some body can help me


First, you may do an isolation test with only the phone plugged in directly (no filter/splitter) to check if there is noise on the line!

Then, you may also test with only the modem plugged in directly (no filter/splitter ... caution: phone unusable for this duration) to check if your SNR Margins improve considerably

Now, if there is no noise in first test and SNR margins improve a lot in the second test as compared to the 'normal' condition, then, you'll need to get a better filter/splitter (check reviews online if its a branded one ... and if you use multiple phones on same line, you'll need a filter for each 'extension')! Otherwise, you may register a complaint for noisy line!

Please note that some noise may still be there especially during sync! Also, power lines and other electrical equipment may induce noise in other lines/devices so try to isolate the modem with its separate power socket!


Ahmed Faraz

i did isolation test when pluged phone directly line is clear with no noise then plugged modem directly to phone line noise margin did not improve