Facing disconnection. Can Degrading solve my problem or no?


I was using a 1MB connection 2 months ago, upgraded to 4MB.

Now facing Lot of Disconnection. Complained to everyone, including PTA. then guys from the local exchange talked to me, n said , i must use 1 MB as 4MB will not run good as the distance from exchange is quite a lot.

Tellme guys

Degrading can solve my problm or no?

as for 4MB, i rarely get that speed, Mostly i get 2MB to 3MB speed.

4MB is not going to work. Higher speed means lower margins and higher rate of DC

I also had 1MB & I upgraded to 4MB, I was having a lots of disconnections as well but then I degraded back to 1MB. Now believe me even after degraded from 4MB to 1MB, I get a lots of disconnections :/

My router is Synced @ 6MB with SNR 13-15db (DS)

ask them to set ur profile again.

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ask them to set ur profile again.


Tell them to set your line profile to 1MB. This will greatly increase your snr’s and hopefully, your disconnections will be reduced.