Facebook to introduce new privacy policy from Jan 2015

NEW YORK: Since its existence, Facebook has kept reviewing and improving the privacy protection of users of the site and from 1st January 2015, new privacy standards will be set in motion as received in the email of some users of the site from Erin Egan, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer.

Facebook has always wanted to customize user experience such that it is global based to work locally but at the same time there is a global reach. In other words, users can be in a conversation with their friends in Nigeria and still be in tune with goings on in Trafalgar Square. This new update will include such features

Nearby friends

Nearby friends to help users know which of their friends are close by geographically at the time. Not just people, users can know what landmark features are close by such as .restaurants, financial and educational institutions, hospitals etc,

New Buy Button

Facebook will introduce a new Buy Button that users can use to purchase things from their local shops. This means that Facebook users need not leave the site before they can purchase anything they wish to.

The idea is to keep Facebook users on the site while they try to also do other things off the site.


By Private data here, it is not talking about a person’s contacts or messages but such private details as signal strength and battery power. This will ensure that the Facebook app works well on mobile Phones. Users’ details however will not be disclosed by the company without their permission. Users will be asked if they wish to disclose such details as their location before Facebook discloses them. Seeking such permissions might not always be the case as they may not seek permissions before attaching location based features to check-ins and wall posts.

Good information. Yes I know about this It. recently a Notification has send on a billions of account who login.In 2015 they will influence to show ads on specific platform like, tablets, Android, or PC .