Facebook problem with Internet Explorer

after facebook login page i get this erro on IE7 & IE8

"Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site

operation aborted"

But with firefox all well, no errors.

anyone else facing the same?

IE shows weird problems when you have older versions. It happens with hotmail also, when you try to check your email from MSN messenger.

Try upgrading to IE9, if you can.

What OS you are using ?

Window XP with IE7 Desktop Pc [Ptcl DSL]

Windows 7 with default IE Laptop [infinity]

same problem on both...

You are right, I just checked it with WIN-7 and default IE on PTCL DSL. Exactly same happens as you stated.

But if you press "Refresh" or "Reload", it starts working.

Give it a try and let me know if it worked for you.

Try pressing ctrl + f5 maybe cache thingy?