Facebook Issue (Sorry, an error has occurred) - Screenshot attached

Hello Friends,

I am facing a weird problem since couple of month. This issue is with Facebook only and happens with my home computer only.

Suddenly my Facebook starts giving SSL error or the following (Image) error


Normally this error stays for an hour or so but the point to be noted is that if I start my modem (from the error disappears.
This issue is with Facebook only and occurres randomly and vanishes as soon as I restart Modem.
I am using PTCL Broadband (Wiresless Modem) but my computer is connected through wire.

Another thing to be noted is that as soon as I get this error on computer my Facebook on mobile (connected through Wifi) starts giving 403 error.

Any Help?

Thanks in Advance.

No answer yet :( and I am still facing the issue, unfortunately no help on internet regarding this issue.

Browser = Any (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)

OS = Windows 7, Windows XP

Profiles = I tested for 2-3 profiles.

So its not a browser issue, not even OS issue or the profile. I am sure its something related to network.

I guess this is not SSL error, its something else which is appearing in form of SSL. My logged in session for Facebook is not detected as far as error exists and it takes me to login page as soon as I type facebookDOTcom in address bar and when I Login after giving credentials it shows the error I mentioned in post.

But when the error is gone my logged in session comes back and typing facebookDOTcom takes me to my profile.

PC Clocks are fine. How to check Modem clock?

Modem clock has nothing to do with it. If by profile you meant windows user profile, then check with another facebook profile. Otherwise, check you facebook settings, see if changing always use HTTPS setting (or something related to that) works. Also, in options, sign out all other sessions and see if you account gets opened at some other unrecognized place/browser as well. Change FB password and security options. Use mobile notifications for FB logins etc.

Lastly, this can happen to users on a particular FB server which may be undergoing maintenance, so you may try more patience or log a complaint to them.

If none of these steps work, pray to God or close your FB account.

No, from profiles I meant the faceboko profiles.

Okay I will try using Facebook after changing this HTTPS setting.

Another point to be noted is that I always browse in "Incognito" mode (for Chrome) and Private browsing for other browsers.
Can this be an issue?

:( any help?

Joining twitter could solve your issues

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