Facebook, Flickr and Google on LDN

Facebook on LDN rarely loads and flickr almost never. Google also disappears often. I have an internet cafe near my place and they have the same problem. Facebook is unavailable 80% of the time. I have been calling the helpline and mailing LDN's tech support for 6 months but each time they register a case number and then ask me to send them tracert command results. I've done all that and I know it's an issue at their end. I'm a web developer and I'm fairly well conversant with how computers work with regards to the internet too.

This time, two support team representatives visited my house and said we are having technical problems at our back end and then they went back after doing a few checks on my PC. The problem is permanent for me on LDN and strangely, these sites load if I use a proxy server or another ISP. It's only LDN that is affected.

Anyone else having this issue? I think I'll shift over to PTCL 4MB soon as I'm only 3KM away from the exchange.

Yes, this is great feature I found