Facebook fans needed! Lots of 'em!

Okay if a person needs lots of facebook fans for a page in a month or less (let's say 25k), which would be the best method:

  • Regularly update, post some fun stuff.
  • Buy some fazool pages with huge fans and share links from your page there.
  • Advertise of facebook.
  • Any other?

hi MZC Networks!

  • post link to on popular pages.
    • send invitations to ALL your friends
      • tell your closest friends or anyone else you feel comfortable asking to send the invitation to all of their friends too
        • You can submit your page to a Facebook page directory called likethisfanpage.com

      • Include your Facebook page url in your web social profiles e.g. Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin etc. and also include in your email signature

      • Also try and use facebook badge or “like” button everywhere your brand/business is present on the web: website, Blog posts etc