Facebook Ads - UBL Wiz card problem

I tried setting up a campaign, but on final step it fails to authorize UBL wiz card (wouldn't accept it!!).

I read somewhere else as well that UBL Wiz doesn't work on Facebook. Anyone else faced the same problem or any success?

What Pakistani debit card you know for sure works with Facebook and does not require session activation by calling bank etc?

Is ur UBL wiz card TEEN, Internet or Travelers?

It's an internet card, requiring no session activation.

Wiz doesn't work on Facebook. Confirmed as well. (fails on GoDaddy too! :P)

Those who use Facebook ads, please share what bank do you use. I checked Standard Chartered and they charge 500rs to 1k Rs. extra every year !!! Any other working alternative?

I used UBL Wiz Card with Netfirms for a domain name and they sent me a message require me to send them a copy of the card for verification.

I have used it on Netfirms. Worked flawlessly! They didn't ask for any such verification from me, even though the card's not in my name.

I got UBL Wiz Internet Visa card last week and fed it in to facebook payment methods. It failed many times and I got a message from FB your payment is failed.

I contacted UBL call centre, the lady said your security code is failing to reach ubl from merchant, that's the reason the payment is not going through.

However I called up UBL today again and after struggling so much with this call centre fellow who took me from china to rome saying some merchants do not accept the card.

I had to literally stress that I wanted a straight forward answer from you.. whether your card is accepted on Facebook or not.. and finally after 45 mins of call he said.. sorry sir but our card is not accepted on Facebook.. end of story.. I blocked my Rs. 30,000 and hell.. for no use..

F. O. UBL for this fraudulent marketing all over and there is no one to question them.

UBL Wiz does not work with Facebook, there are numerous posts on different websites which confirm this. However it does work for google adwords.

I have used standard chartered’s card for Facebooks add for my New Project Alazizonline.com and its Work Fine so I will Suggest you to Use this for Facebook add and also for ad words.

wiz cards are very limited and doesnot work on most of the popular websites. try to get a credit card , hbl scb have some good options.

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for me it worked ubl wiz internet on facebook ads

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for me it worked ubl wiz internet on facebook ads


Mylen i will send u pic pm ur email id