Extreme slow browsing with timed outs!

For the past few days ptcl has been extremely pathetic with inconsistent speed and timed out problems. it made me furious to the extent i banged the device but luckily it didn't have any crack

is this my problem or anyone else facing same issue. what the hell is going on with them?

just look at timed out on google.com

browsing z little slow in peshawar also with some time nuts

The browsing,downloading and streaming everything has been pathetic on PTCL since the past few months there have been occasions it has worked fine but mostly it seems to be performing very poorly. I really do not understand what was the reason behind upgrading the users if they did not have the bandwith to provide to the end user. Half of the people here are paying the bill in full when the services being provided are not even quarter of what it is supposed to be. PTCL is nothing but a bunch of crap with full monopoly and nobody is there to question their policies and their services.

very slow in lahore since last 7-10 days, am i only facing this problem or its kinda major problem all over city/country?

^ you are not alone. I'm also in Lahore and facing the same problem. I'm done with PTCL for good. Time to switch to a reliable ISP.

Customers have been paying through their nose to avail the DSL services of PTCL because they were very reliable till a few months ago but since the end of April their service has taken a severe hit for reasons unknown and they are becoming worse with every passing day. If they do not fix the issue over the next week or so I will disconnect their service at the end of this month. Screw PTCL!