Extreme 'Dhittayi' of PTCL

I applied for broadband upgrade from 1MBps to 4MBps on 21st or 22nd July and got my package upgraded in PTCL's billing records on 23rd July but my profile/port was not upgraded at exchange so my synchronization rate was 1024/254 as before. I logged complaint at 1218, got 24 hours resolution time, nothing happed. Logged another complaint a few days later, again received same 24 hours resolution time, nothing happend! A couple of days later, I started to call almost daily to inquire about the status of my request, I always got the response that they are sending a reminders, it will be resolved in 24 hours etc. etc. I've lost count of times when I went through this pain of calling/waiting at help line and then asking them again and again to resolve my issue.

I went to exchange one day and talked to broadband supervisor there. He promised to resolve the issue in one day. Nothing as usual. Went to exchange the next day, only to find out that it was locked! The damned strike was on.

I tried going to exchange a couple more times but the strike was still on, so I resorted to 1218. Kept calling and logging my complaints. In the last days of strike, they started telling me openly that your matter will be resolved after the strike is over. Not to forget that my billing for 4MBps was already started since 23rd July.

I logged the complaint at PTA's website, and I was issued a complaint number. PTCL was asked to update the status and resolve my issue in one week. That never happened. I sent a reminder of that complaint to PTA after two weeks, nothing happened. No response.

I waited and waited and waited for strike to be over, and finally when it was over, I logged my complaint again. Same response, 24 hours resolution time. Nobody ever contacted me, nobody updated the status.

On Friday morning, I went to exchange, the broadband supervisor again promised me that the issue will be resolved by evening. Another lie...

Earlier today, I went to exchange again and my DSL guy was also there luckily (or may be unluckily). He went to do some checking with ports and came back after half an hour and said that he has checked everything. There was an issue identifying the port or whatever, now only an email from his supervisor is required and the issue will be resolved. He asked me to leave and assured me that the problem will be resolved today.

Another lie.

When I received the bill after my package upgrade, I did not pay it and thought that till the time of next payment, the strike would be over and my problem would have been resolved so I will get it fixed then pay it. But the damned strike continued and I had no option of getting the bill corrected so I had to pay it to avoid disconnection as someone at 1236 had told me that disconnection is automatic process. My work heavily depends on internet and although I have a backup, I did not want to risk the disconnection so I just paid the bill.

Now, to add insult to the injury, the guys at 1236 and at exchange, both are saying that you have to get the bill corrected before payment. It can't be adjusted after you have paid the bill. How the hell was I supposed to get it corrected when they had locked the offices and were on strike?

I don't know what else to do, where else to go. I've had just enough. I am getting this 'sublime' service terminated tomorrow. I should have done this a long ago. Going to try LDN, if it doesn't work, I am going for Multinet, the expensive but most reliable option I know of.

**** PTCL!

full sympathies with u

You shouldn't have paid the bill in first place. The disconnection might be an automatic process, but you won't be disconnected just for one month bill's non-payment. After 2 months I guess, your outgoing call facility will be blocked. You can get incoming calls, and your DSL will still work fine!

Their incompetence has already been discussed thousand of times.We know about them.They should really sack all these present sh*theads ..they don't want to work.You should have met the Dean.Don't talk to these little ants..they are liars.Linkdotnet is working flawlessly now a days..go for it.

Move the consumer courts against them. Sue their a55.

Screw them. I terminated my service today as well. I also rely heavily on the internet for my work. And the past few months have been terrible. If you're not a heavy internet user, then I'd recommend giving a try to wi-tribe. Their service is pretty good. I myself got wateen though, cuz I can't live with caps :@..

i always rely on PTA its like my last resort.

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i always rely on PTA its like my last resort.

PTA is also helpless when it comes to PTCL, in the last two years i have sent more than 100 emails to PTA for the same issue and its still there.

mohammadtalha: Unfortunately, PTA option did not work for me. I have read people claiming to have been upgraded instantly after their requests. I understand the difference in response times but over two months? Thats simply bull-crap.

@Asad: I am not sure if I can trust any institute in this system, in fact I doubt there is any 'system' left. There are good people who try to stick to their morals and fulfill their duties in their individual capacities. They don't get support by their own departments sometimes. If you are lucky enough to have your matter in the hands of such a person, you'll get it done, if you have enough courage to bribe someone (even for something that is your right in the first place) you'll get your work done, or if you have a strong reference. For all other cases a.k.a 'a common man' there is absolutely no one to go to. My problem was an unimportant problem and I will move on in a couple of days but this behavior is manifestation of lack of accountability which is present everywhere around us and everybody is getting affected by it one way or the other. I really feel terrible for those who suffer real unrecoverable losses and there is no one to protect them, provide them justice. I wish and pray for the return of times where the ruler feels and takes responsibility of even a dog dying of hunger under his area of control. Till that time, we are destined to suffer in my understanding.

@ethi: I paid after two months (second unpaid bill).

@JDK: Capped internet is crippled internet :) I will turn to wireless if every other line based option fails.

DejaBlue: You did a lot what you should not even, because you are a customer. My suggestion is to go to any customer center (exchange) and ask for the director or MD address or office. Just go to that office and try to meet higher authority. Sometime it is a little difficult but you can meet the authorities. (before going there you should have a writing in hand of all the things you did, if possible then datewise and with complaint numbers, along with the recent paid bill).

I did the same with another big white elephant Waaphada, sorry I mean WAPDA. Please try to raise your level up as possible.


Unfortunately the wise option for you should have been to downgrade and talk to the exchange guys when can this whole strike issue be resolved then upgrade. Anyway,issue has been resolved now,complain on 1218,the problem should be taken care of within 24 hours..

Define Irony: You exhaust all your available options for the connection upgrade but you don't get any response. 1218, Exchange, PTA all are painfully and consistently non-cooperative. Then you evaluate other ISPs and decide to quit and switch, you take your modem with you to get the connection terminated and get the line released and the broadband dept. upgrades your connection in 10 minutes. The process was really THAT easy and it took them almost three months.

@ali100: The strike is over for almost a couple of weeks and I DID complain on 1218 and to PTA after the strike was over. The 24 hours are just a standard response at 1218, it all depends on exchange guys whether they want to do something or not. They have even been falsely 'fixing' the status of my complaints on 1218.