External Drive with firewire support

Does anyone know where can i buy external hard drive with firewire support from Lahore. The drive specs should be:

  1. Firewire400 or Firewire800 support
  2. Capacity 500GB-1000GB. 500GB is preferred.
  3. Preferably usb powered. External power is less preferable but acceptable.
  4. Preferably from Western Digital other brands will do but should have good quality.
  5. Price range upto Rs 12,000 max.

I need the external hard drive to use for backup with time machine for my Macbook Pro laptop for work purposes. As my MBP drive size is 320GB but i need backup for 270GB as i have installed Lion on the other 50GB so a 500GB external hard drive is more than enough for backup.

I have looked online at beliscity, myshop.pk and shophive but i was only find one hard drive with firewire support but that was "Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II 2TB" with a hefty price tag of Rs 20,000 which is way out of my range. I will go have a look at Hafeez Centre for any firewire external hard drive. If i am unable to find Firewire drive then will go for WD 500GB usb 2.0 external hard drive as usb 3.0 is useless to me as i MBP has only usb 2.0 port but first want to search for firewire drive before settling for usb 2.0.

If anyone knows any any shop in Lahore which might have the above hard drive then please do tell me it's location.

Forgot about the conditions i posted in thread can anybody tell me which firewire external hard drives are available in Lahore right now, which is better, what is the approx price, and where i can buy it.

Go for the USB external drive.

Please close this thread as i didn't get any answer for this thread also i tried looking for firewire external hard drives but without knowing where to look in hafeez centre i wasn't able to find any and end up buying usb external drive.