External degree in malaysia vs pakistani degree?

hey people, i am an engineering student currently awaiting my alevel result. i am looking forward to do my bachelors in electrical engineering in malaysia from a university called INTI international university college. they are offering me an external degree from the university of bradford. What i want u guys to tell me about is that would this degree prove helpful for me in the future or should i look for a university in pakistan (got rejected by nust and giki) =p..or in other words is an external degree useful than a pakistani degree?will an external degree help me to get an admission in a good university in america for my masters later on?

Why not just go to a university in US (or some other country) instead of INTI? Even if you don't have the best grades, you should be able to get into a lower tier university and move up from there. A degree is all about recognition. The more unknown and sketchier the university, the less the degree is worth.

due to my financial issues..i can only afford to study in malaysia ..and save up for my masters. studies in america ,canada and europe are way more expensive

Thanks :)

There are American universities who offer a fair bit of financial aid to international students.

Anyways, if you have ensured that the degree offered by this university is recognized and not some kind of scam (of which there are many), you will be fine. If the university is not as well known, then you will have to get better grades to compensate if you are serious about going on for Masters at a decent university.

And again, degrees are all about name and recognition so try to do your best and get into a better university for Masters. Otherwise anyone can find some lower tier university or the other willing to give them admission.

As far as getting hired in industry is concerned. The way it works in the western world is, they would want you to at least have a Bachelors degree. After that its all about how much you practically know and can do, and how much experience you have. The university you get your degree from will NOT be a very important factor if you're one of the best candidates for the job as far as competency is concerned.

If you plan on working in Pakistan, it gets more difficult due to the sheer competition and the small industry size. Graduates from NUST or GIK tend to get the top picks for jobs.

yeah ur right ..nust and giki :(...i wish i had done fsc instead of alevels....and as far as this external degree is concerned,ive talked to the consultant about it , and even some students of that uni..doesnt look like scam to me, lets hope not! =p ..... and what u r trying to say is that these companies dont see whether its an external degree or a normal degree ,it just has to be a bachelors degree right??

^ As long as its a recognized Bachelors degree, it'll be fine. However to actually get a job in say North America, you will HAVE to do Masters there first. There is no way you're getting into those countries via direct employment.

okay, thanks a lot dude!!..

What grades did you get for O levels? Why'd you get rejected by NUST/GIK?

i got an A 5 Bs 2Cs..i got rejected because i had very little time to study fsc for the entry tests..

Why dont you try on Local Private Universities! Pakistan Private Universities also doing quite better these days