Experience with UBL Credit Card?

Need information about UBL Credit Card. Got Alfalah but I may cancel since they have introduced annual charges and will be hit with 4000 Rupees a year (Basic + Supplementary Cards) which is a lot since I use it every few months so not paying this amount. UBL's credit card is free for now, I have not seen their new schedule of charges but till end of last year, it says free.

So UBL's CC statement can be checked online? Since I have got UBL netBanking, can pay the bill online from there? What about transactions, they go smoothly or faced decline?


Works with netBanking, from UBL: "Being a UBL account holder, customers can pay their monthly credit card bills online, provided your Credit Card Account is linked. "

I have student account(current account) with UBL. i have netbanking and visa atm card. visa debit card works with those websites who ask for CVV code while checkout . not on godaddy, google adwords etc, they don't ask CVV. i pay every month on hostgator.com , namecheap.com. ubl website say they charge 100 rupees for internet session activation but they charged on my first session only and did not charged for any session after that.

this is my experience. don't know about credit card :P

and yes i can see statement, mobile vouchers , pay bill etc on ebanking

see https://www.ubl.com.pk/retail/loans/creditcard/SOC/UBLCreditCardsScheduleofChargesJULY_DEC10.pdf for fees, charges etc

^ Thanks for that, even though its not related to Credit Card :P

I am a founder member of UBL credit card, and have been using it since they introduced it, and am quite satisfied with it. Although the perks of using it have declined over the period, still it's way better than others I had the experience of using, i.e., Askari, Citi (the worst) and RBS (equally bad).

If you already have netbanking enabled, that means you would be paying a monthly fee. So, without any additional charges, you can view your cc statements online. However, for payment from your account, they have certain limits, and you cannot pay more than that limit for your credit card through your account unless you increase your limit, and hence have to pay increased monthly charges for netbanking. For example, for a limit of 100,000 you have to pay PKR 25 per month. So you can pay your bill through your account for up to 100,000 per month.

They do have annual fee, but I never have to pay it as it gets reversed upon some minimum spending (last year it was 3,000 I think). Also, I have never faced any problem in getting transactions through, either locally, internationally or on net. They have also introduced some verification system by VISA where you only have to enter a specific pin code when transacting through web, instead of your CVV2. They used to charge very nominal commission on the international transactions (in the form of exchange rate difference). Although that has increased recently, but still better than foreign banks like Citi or RBS. I had an experience with Citi, where in addition to the exchange rate commission, they even increased my $ invoice value, which is something I have never seen with any other bank.

And Alfalah charging fees is a surprise. I think they advertised it as "Life time free membership" back sometime... Is it for new cards or the ones they issued in the beginning too?

^ Thanks for your answer. Yeah, netBanking has the monthly charge thing. Can you tell what the perks were?

Are you sure there is annual charge for UBL Gold Credit Card? Because as per Schedule of Charges, its free. The Platinum is charged for though and there is 250 Rupees chip maintenance fee per annum - again, as per the SOC they have on the website.

Yes, Alfalah's fee is a big surprise. It is not just for new cards, but old as well. Been using it for years, someone mentioned they have introduced the charge so I checked SOC and was surprised. They have also printed notice on CC bill of this month mentioning change in SOC and that it should be checked.

Just checked UBL's new SOC - on page 8:

1) Annual Membership Fee: Silver/Gold = Free | Platinum = Rs.4000

2) Supplementary Card Fee: Silver/Gold = Free | Platinum = Rs.2000

Well, I wasn't sure for new SOC but there used to be a fee which got reversed easily. But yes, there are chip maintenance charge of PKR 250/- annually, but that is quite nominal.

As for perks, I had PSO Roadmiles card given with CC, which used to be quite generous but now has become useless as fuel cost has increased and they have limited it to very small amounts, i.e., 100/- fuel for spending on first 5,000/-, 150 for 10,000, etc. Earlier they used to give in litres, i.e., 5 litres for 5,000 spending, 10 litres for 10,000 and so on, which turned out be be a discount of around 2%-3% on spending.

Also, from time to time, there are promotions, e.g., as a lucky winner for spending in Ramazan, I got one of my transactions reversed. Too bad it amounted to only 3,000/- :P

unikorn, thanks! A few more queries please. UBL Credit Card requires Internet activation before online use or its pre-activated for 24x7 use? and the fuel reward is given on Silver/Gold card too or just the PSO card?

again, thanks a lot!

No problem, anytime!

There is no need for preauthorization of your transactions on internet. However, if the transaction is large enough, your transaction will get through but you will receive a call from UBL rep soon (usually within an hour) to confirm that it was you who did the transaction. Also, you will receive instant notification of your transaction via SMS (whether on net or at point of sale).

The reward is on credit card spending, credited to PSO card, which can then be used on PSO pumps for redemption.

I am as well a founder member of UBL Credit Card. Though I don't have a Bank Account with them.

But specifically I can tell about the CC itself and its support. First of all Yes! I am quite satisfied with it.

@unikorn; Yes there was fee PKR 2000/- per year. When I started with them. And they had the same offer on that time to wave it off on spending perhaps Rs. 5000/- per month. But it was completely revised later and vanished the annual fee. And I got surprised when saw it.

------------ Let me guess... You surely have more than Rs. 5000/- per month spending on your UBL Credit Card. May be that's why you didn't get well informed about the fee :P

Ok let me tell you one more thing about the PSO Card given by UBL. Thanks unikron I didn't know about the revised gifted price on it as I didn't use it for a long time. Why I didn't? It already and mostly was useless for me. Most of the time they refused me to accept this card at PSO stations and plainly excused that they don't get paid by the bank easily on these payments. I am not sure why was that. also complained a few times.. but later on I started to keep it in my wallet and completely forgot that I have some gift in it. I'll try soon again with it to see how much did I gain in it.

@Joker.. Yes! the transaction service is doubtlessly good. It some times gets declined but only due to over limit :P and some times doesn't work due to the line problem at merchant side.

Online transactions? It's way better than than others. It's ON all the time and they don't let you to call them always before each and every transaction (No Pre-authorization as said above). and also give you the "Verified by VISA" feature for extended security for online transactions.

Thanks for replies.

For Alfalah Credit Card users, their helpline says something is in the pipeline, either a deliberate attempt or they really have not made up their minds (which is unlikely). Users of Alfalah Credit Card must know about their 'reward points' i.e. spend and get points which can be redeemed. As per the e-mail I received from Bank Alfalah yesterday, it says the said points can be adjusted against annual fee as per the rate below:

1 Rupee = 4 Reward points so do the maths

i dont have much reward points to exchange, i will call them in 2 to 3 days, because my card is going to expire in February thats the reason i checked their schedule for renewal but they just have introduce annual and renewal fee on their "free forever" card.