Exciting News: oDesk to Merge with Elance

I've just received an e-mail that says

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I'm thrilled to announce that we have signed an agreement to merge with Elance! We couldn't be more excited and wanted to take this opportunity to share what this means for you.

First things first—you can continue to work with your clients on oDesk just as before. The existing websites, odesk.com and elance.com, will continue to operate as two separate platforms.

Why, then, are we putting the two companies together?

The answer is pretty simple: we think we can do a better job for you this way. Both companies are inspired by a similar vision of delivering the best online work experience possible.

The merger has not yet closed, but here are the kinds of things you can look forward to:

  • Significant technology investments. This includes tools for more successful job applications, seamless online collaboration, better mobile support and freelancer skills development.
  • Higher quality results. With our combined expertise in engineering and data science, you will enjoy a host of quality improvements, such as superior job recommendations over time.

  • Participation in how we evolve. There's never been a better time to have your voice heard, and we are committed to integrating the changes most important to you. Please email me personally at garyeswart@odesk.com with your likes, dislikes, suggestions, and comments about oDesk—and about Elance if you've tried it, too. We’ll reflect your feedback in future innovations and share back what you’ve taught us in an upcoming blog post.

This Q&A should help answer any questions you may have. And please keep in mind that the merger won’t be official until we meet all closing conditions, probably about four months from now. In the meantime, you have my promise that we will work harder than ever to make sure that YOU, our freelancers, truly love the way you work!

Kind regards,

Gary Swart
oDesk CEO


what are your thoughts on it?

Yeah man.. i got two emails this morning.. one from Elance and the other from Odesk.. both telling me this horrendous news... This is really a tragic moment... The only thing that's gonna happen is that it'll be way tougher to win the jobs and THAT TOO at extremely low rates, thanks to Odesk.. I don't wanna get into an argument here but I'm telling this from my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that the pay rates on Odesk and unbelievably low......! I'm still in Shock that why would a great company like Elance would want to merge with Odesk... Ridiculous....!

Time to say goodbye to freelancing and find another source of income before it's too late... mark my words people!

Don't lose hope guys, it's not going to be that bad.

After reading email & FAQs what I've understood is that

- It will take 4-5 months to finalize (decide) the merger

- both marketplaces will work independently

- main point of merger is to combine the back power (work force & $$) of both sites.

please do correct me & share your thoughts too :)

I guess they want to compete with freelancer.com which is bigger than both of these. Freelancer has over 9.6 million users. Freelancer.com also merged with vlance, before merger freelancer has just 5 million users. Well I agree with @hamid the things have become a bit tougher with experienced users coming from vlance.

Hoping for best :)

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