Evo wingle 1250 with 30gb

Iam getting evo wingle with 30 gb cap with 1250 rs monthly from a person.

First i didnt believe him as ptcl is offering 20gb in 1250 with their new promotion.

But i called helpline and they said me that evo with this mdn has not used for many months..so when you will charge it 1250 your limit is still 30gb.

Should i buy it?.

Is it true?

For how much he is selling it to you?

And yes, if PTCL helpline said that when you recharge it will be 30GB per month then you can believe them. If you want to re-confirm it, you can call them again because this time a new customer care representative will be connected. If he/she also says the same thing then you can go ahead and buy it.

dont go for it .. I was trap in same scam. some one from PTCL told me he got Govt employee package which is RS:1000 per month for 50gb. i had ptcl ribban and ptcl invoice book. he wrote everything on the Ptcl invoice and i paid him 4000 for it. but that device did not work and that person switch off him no.