EVo speed problem

i am using EVO 3.1 Mbps since 1 year in islamabad but facing a starge problem , whenever i recharge a new card it works fine speed goes to 2.8mbps but after 1 hour it sucks and i get upto 240kbps constantly. even i have full signals.

previouslu i was satisfies with it but now i am disaapointed by its performance.


tell me something how much do u use ur device consecutively if ur a real heavy user with 24/7 torrent downloads and #$%# i say give ur device a rest and use it after 1/2 days. happens to my daypass device too sometimes

i use it for 48 hours continuously during a week.

i also have EC - 1260 device and downloaded almost 150 GB of Data.

tbh mate ive been using my device for over 1.5 years the data usage and saying i downloaded 150 gigs or a read a post in which a guy said he downloaded 300 gigs and he thinks his device is just dead slow now doesnt happened with me i can assure you in this last 1.5 years ive downloaded more than 700 gigs of data with my evo my external hardrive is 1tb and its almost full and i can assure you all that data came from my precious little evo so saying u downloaded 150 gigs and now ur device sorta died is false .i say dnt use it for a few days just keep it cool and then try happened to me once or twice but started working pretty well after that, also try changing ur location and see if it makes some difference because i can say that evo in kharian cantt just !@#$%^ suks even dialup is beter but evo in banigala/islamabad is realy good.

Boycott evo.

Listen every one i am not understand this fair usage policy "whatever" cause if they are giving full speed for 5gb then i paid bill before 4 days n i did`nt get full speed after payment of bill so what do you say abt it??

Boycott is the right way.Today i confirmed from oss they are f***king says about fair usage policy in every packge of nitro n evo 3.1mbps 10gb full speed of evo will receive after limit crossing speed will capped.In nitro 9.3mbps 15gb full speed after limit crossing speed will capped they are real lier..

My one friend (an employee od PTCL) told me ptcl has implemented Fair usage policy quitely without proper announcement for a trial period.They are cheking the temprament of evo users.if the evo users remain calm .PTCL wil announce it officily from next month along with some new packages.if there wil be severe reaction and significant drop in their customers then ptcl wil take back Fair Usage policy quitely

Now speed is coming by ptcl but i don`t know k ye kb tk chalegi..

Hey guys ... its strange!

My speed degraded after 10 gb to 512kbps and after 15 to 256... from this morning i am with the speed of 32.0 kbps and a moment ago , i met again with 2 mbs....

here is my speed test.... please test urs and post me up here


People facing evo issues in Rawalpindi / Islamabad are advised to email this person snd explain their problems.


MASHAHALLAH evo is runing awesomly once again...I am praying In the future evo will be runing smoothly jis tarhan abhi chal rahi hai

this is evo speedtest nitro is not runing good in my area