Evo Nitro 9.3 Mbps has been Launched in 70 Cities


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thanks :)


Nitro Service has been launched in 70 Cities across the country , just an official announcement is left to be made.

Another story is PTCL testing the 21 Mbps Device that would be introduced by last quarter of 2012.

here is the link of cities evo nitrous


Does evo nitrous device have antenna port ?

With ZTE devices u will get Antenna port

but I am using Huawei devoice , it does`nt have it. Its built in antenna is quite good.

Thinking of buying it. But I have heard from friends that evo has real bad signal issues and don't know whether it gives me full signals in the area of rwp or not....

You can ask PTCL franchisee to give u a demo of nitro at your Home... I dont know why do people get such issues , mine is 300 kb normal download at peak time and off peak it cross 1 mb/sec

Peshawar and Abbottabad still missing..Peshawar is the darol hukumat of KPK .. its present in kohat but not there ..WOW!shame

To Bhai aap COmplaint karo na , ask them the reason:)

Nitro Rocks

Not in our city yet :wacko: