EVO Day Pass package - anyone using it?

Hi all,

I am really new here. Prior to me getting my EVO device I checked the web for feedback and this forum came up with all the persuasion I needed (mainly the glorious speedtest resuts :P).

Skipping to the end, I got myself the day pass package which I thought would help me evaluate the service a little before investing in an unlimited package. Aside from the wildly varying speed stats, I can't understand how the Day Pass package works...

At first I thought it was going to expire after 24 hours of activation - it didn't.

Then I thought it would expire after I have used it for total 24 hours of connectivity - it worked again, but I cautiously loaded another card because I was getting serious disconnection problems. After loading the card, it started working smoothly.

Now the disconnection is back.

I want to know when this package expires? After 24 Hours of connectivity? or after 24 hours following the activation (or card load)?

Would be great if someone could help me out, the speed I am getting is nothing to write home about, I will look for an antenna upgrade if I can sort the disconnection problem.

Regards and Kind wishes


after u load the card...it works for 24 hours...

Yes Zamar, but in my experience it has worked after the 24 hour period but with sudden onset of random disconnections. Any idea about that?

happens with my device too....it keeps on connecting and disconnecting after the time limit...i don't think its an issue to worry about...


Good to know you guys, thanks for the replies, explains everything!