EVO 3G Device with ethernet port?

Does anyone know if I can can a EVO 3G connection with a device which has an ethernet port for output?

PTCL seems to have only USB devices, and I want to use it on a linux machine and ethernet is the easiest, most robust way to connect a network device...

OR - can someone recommend a usb evo device which works well with linux?


you can buy a router with USB support, routers are cheap these days, its a very good solution.


I guess this is the kind of thing you're looking for, received this ad in email a few days back:


BTW you don't necessarily have to buy this router. Assuming that you're going to use PTCL, when you go to PTCL One Stop Shop to buy your EVO device, tell them you need the Huawei EVO device and not the ZTE one because only Huawei EVO device has drivers for Linux. ZTE device doesn't work unless you bust your ass trying. Still, check these instructions to use the ZTE device on Linux and maybe you wont have to buy anything at all:



Thanks, all! Will look into getting first a linux compatible usb stick, and than a router which supports that usb stick if I need one...