EVGA 9800GTx+

Item(s): EVGA 9800GTX+ - NOT Crappy XFX, so think twice before making any stupid offers.

Package includes: Box, GPU, CD

Price: 10,000 - Very slight room for negotiation, Exchange possible with 5850 with warranty.

Warranty: None

Dealing method: Any

Location: Karachi, can ship to other cities

Contact method/details: PM or 03344466446

Item(s) conditions: 9/10

Info: http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?pn=512-P3-N871-AR&family=GeForce%209%20Series%20Family



8000 ?

Sorry too low. Texted you my Final.


what do u mean by reserved. Plz make clear is it available or sold. I can offer 8.5K